Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fancies. Tickled?

Blogging? Eeeehhhh.....ick. Just not feeling it this week. Although, like working out, getting here to this blank screen was the hard part. Now that I'm here....oh! The possibilities.

I could tickle your fancy with a few thoughts on

- My cardio-kickboxing class and the instructor who is a 5 foot tall bodybuilder. She kicks our ass each and every time. "Do you know why I teach so hard? Because it's fun!" Ahhahhahaha. Nobody ever returns to her class except ME. I still go every Wednesday at noon and because of this, I have developed a huge sense of accomplishment: I can make it through an hour of her intense (And I do mean INTENSE!)aerobic exercise. Granted, it is the City of Golden Recreation Center, not Gold's Gym, where doing sets of jumping jacks with 5 lb weights is probably the norm. Ummm, we also did "the pony" today, which I don't think I've done since Jess and I took aerobics with her mom at the Y in 7th grade. Giddyup.

- The weather and the soup I've been meaning to make for 2 weeks. (Yeah- lame topic.)Tonight: it will get made. The soup, I mean. The plants also need to find homes inside since we're about to have our first freeze. I don't know where the hell I am going to put them all. It's a sickness, the amount of houseplants I've purchased, rescued, and revived. But they are all my babies, each and every one. I envy you people in California who can leave them out all year.

- Lucy. But damn if you don't hear enough about her. Kevin just called to tell me that he didn't take Lucy to her puppycure appointment to get her nails done. Instead, he bought the clippers and declared that from now on we're doing it ourselves. I am sceeeeered! Don't wanna.

- Kevin and his a super-human sized package. KIDDING. He has an interview next week for a big boy professional job downtown with a FIRM. He also has a meeting tonight and you know what that means? I can watch Laguna Beach without getting shit! That is, provided none of you give me any. I know. It's quality programming, you don't have to remind me of that.

- My drunken antics I just heard about. On Friday after the DAM party, we went to a friend's house in the 'hood and they had a friend from out of town visiting. The friend had a dog who resembled Lucy. I apparently sat on the couch and mauled the dog with babytalk and snuggles for a good 20 minutes, finally declaring to her owner: "You better just let me take her home because you'll never be able to give her as much love as I will." The friend was not impressed.

- Highland Tavern. I partly just wanted to type it in here because it's a new place and they have no website. I thought that those of you googling it, as I did last week and unfortunately ended up on some hideously obnoxious MySpace pages, would make it here and then I could tell you to go on over there and give them some business! 34th and Navajo. Just what I need, another drinking hole within stumbling distance. I have been there twice already and it's only been open less than a week. Ha ha! They're real nice in please go drink up!

- Halloween. What are you going to be? I have relieved the pressure of a costume of its duties by leaving the country that weekend. For the actual day, I will simply take advantage of my current state of mind: a hungover, jet-lagged, sun-soaked tourist who's just been to Mexico. Voila! A costume!

- If you aren't using this wonderful music service at your desks at work, you should be, even though I am listening to all songs tagged "alt-country" and currently Britney Spears' "I'm not a girl, I'm not not yet a woman" is on. People! Is this your idea of a joke? If so, I laughed. Now start tagging songs correctly! Although come to think of it, I sort of see the logic, seeing as Britney is basically a country hick from Louisiana.

Your fancies. Were any of them tickled? Ahhhh yes, didn't think so. Back to work it is.


At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Kath said...

Every now and then we had to bring our plants inside when we lived in CA. You can cover the larger ones in newspaper if you don't have room to bring them inside.

As for this statement ""You better just let me take her home because you'll never be able to give her as much love as I will." The friend was not impressed. " Why...did the truth hurt?? You are the most loviest pet owner I know and I know pet owners! They should have taken it as a compliment.

Thanks for the new bar tip. Payday is in 5 hours (and counting!)...will have to check it out this weekend.

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Rosie said...

I think the friend was annoyed because he was all quiet at home watching TV and we all rolled in drunk and I basically molested his dog with all my slobbery smoochiness....haha. It's all hazy to me, but Kev said the guy seemed irritated while they all thought it was funny. I think it's pretty funny too, myself!

At 12:14 PM, Blogger Howard said...

I'm going as Hank Venture from The Venture Bros. cartoon series on Cartoon Network. GEEK! It seems that Halloween is on more than my mind. I just posted about Halloween. :) is fantabulous. What's your screen name so we can be friends! Mine's soanim8ed. If you wanted to know....

At 2:42 PM, Anonymous hubs said...

my screen name is Artifacting.

Highland Tavern used to be the original pub for Coors (boooooo) Brewing, i'll support anything that knock pete out of the picture. Brian Sommatino is already planning expansion

At 3:11 PM, Blogger Rosie said...

I don't know what my screen name is....I can't remember. Ha ha. I just use the player.

Maybe I should go look. I think it's probably rosalicious.

At 3:19 PM, Blogger Rosie said...

Ok, I looked - judging by the musical tastes of the rosalicious, it most certainly is NOT me.

My username is rosieturner. I have no idea how to use except to play music. Maybe I will go try.


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