Monday, October 09, 2006

Fun weekend.

Friday night, K and I went to HotDAM: Party on the Edge, the opening shindig for the new Denver Art Museum. Good lord, what a bash. So much food and wine and so many awesomely dressed people. And good art. I guess there was that too....ha ha. Though I didn't really check any of it out. I thought I would wait and go back when I was wearing sensible shoes and maybe sober? But the new building is AMAZING. Truly. It was also awesome to see some arty friends I hadn't seen in a long long time.

Kev in front of new building.

Super nice guys. I promised them they would appear on rosalicious. Here you go fellows =)

At around midnight or 1 am they busted out breakfast...bloody marys and mimosas! YUM!

Party goers.

Saturday morning: you guessed it. Feeling rough! I clearly haven't figured out the secret to maintaining my rock and roll lifestyle without the crushing headaches that accompany it. Dude! I wasn't going to let it get me down this weekend though, so I up-and-adamed and rode bikes downtown with Kevin for some lox and pickled goods at Zaidy's. After that, it was OK to totally want to die. Ugh.

Yesterday I ran 5K in Race for the Cure with people from work and about 80,000 others. The run was really good, but you wouldn't believe the corporatization of the shit afterwards. (As I write I am eating a pack of sliced apples from McDONALD'S that I got free.....YUCK!) The amount of free swag was insane. And people were fighting for it should have seen the frenzy for a sample box of Special K Red Berries.

Regardless, it was good to show support for my friend Susan, who is recovering from breast cancer. Since we're so close, our place served as home base for most of our team, and I'm sure you're not at all surprised to hear that I served up bloody marys and quiche for the after-race...."Boozin' for Susan." Oh yeahhhhh.

The afternoon was spent lying about watching girly movies and snapping at the neighbor brats who keep throwing shit into the yard and then ringing my doorbell to get me to get up and get it back for them. I think the little punks also stole one of my pumpkins. Their parents need a little talking to, although they don't speak English....en espanol, como se dice* "your kids keep throwing crap in our yard and tying stuffed animals to string to taunt Lucy?"

The naivety of living in an urban 'hood is seriously wearing off.

*probably not spelled correctly....


At 11:44 AM, Blogger African Kelli said...

Mmmm... lots of drinking, a good bicycle ride and a charity run. Awesome weekend. Was your coworker totally impressed with your team?

At 1:29 PM, Blogger Rosie said...

YES! She just came in to my office and gave me a hug and a rose. I didn't get to see her yesterday b/c she did the family walk and then sat in the stands with all the survivors. But it meant a lot to her that we were all there.

(And for a bunch of fundraisers, we sure didn't raise much $$ in pledges...oh well.)


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