Friday, September 22, 2006

Nesting in the sweet sweetness.

Forgive me if this is starting to sound like a DOG BLOG, but this morning I went to court to "contest" (aka. "plead guilty and get a fucking break on the hefty fine") the off-leash ticket Lucy and I got last month.

(Ha ha. Like Lucy got the ticket. Well, hey, she DID want to get in that water! The girl needs to pony up some cash and take some blame!)

Courtrooms and legal proceedings excite me. I've even considered law school. For real. I mean, I know most of it is dry, boring legal gobbledygook but a trial? Hell yeah.

(OK. Maybe I read too much People Magazine.)

Brief interruption: Has anyone ever tried a chocolate-covered potato chip? A co-worker just gave me one......YUMMMMMMM.

Anyway, back to Courtroom 6 of Denver County Court. Right now I'll even go so far as to say that I went to contest the ticket just for the whole court EXPERIENCE. Isn't that so sexy? Rawrrr. I am a dork. There was a little inital excitement.....ya know, some legal terms were bandied about and I got to stand next to where the judge would sit - the bench? There were some lawyers milling around and a metal detector being manned by people with guns. There were a few shady looking criminals, but mostly? There were lame people like me contesting their dog off-leash tickets.

FIFTY people contesting dog off-leash tickets!

And we were to go one by one in pleading our guilt for being shitty dog owners. I lasted all of 10 minutes before I broke down and said fuck it: this is not worth $14, all this sitting around. So I paid the full fine of $80 and got the hell out of there. What a waste of time.

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? We might go up to Fort Collins tomorrow but the weather kind of sucks to be outside drinking beer all day - or does it?- so I might, as Emily likes to say, NEST and get my fall cozy on. Re-organize the seasonal wardrobe, rake leaves, run, make soup, go to Home Depot, maybe a little Bed Bath & Beyond (Old School).....

If I were Jewish, I would definitely be all over some Matzo ball soup this weekend. I love that stuff! Brisket and Kugel, not so much. But the rest of the Jewish holiday menu? Yummy! Lox is my favorite breakfast ever.

So with that? To all my Jewish friends and family (yes, believe it or not I have Jewish family).....shana tova! And to everyone else: enjoy the sweet, sweetness (Little Miss Sunshine).



At 12:16 PM, Blogger African Kelli said...

Did you decide what to do with the "trashy" neighbors? Hope your weekend is fab!

At 11:32 AM, Blogger Rosie said...

Over dinner and ice cold martinis on Saturday night I came up with the PERFECT excuse: BEES.

The trash draws bees (which is true) and I am allergic (NOT, but they don't need to know that) so having bees in my back yard makes me unable to hang laundry or toss ball with Lucy without fearing for my life.

Kev liked it too! Now I just need to get up the courage to go over there and use it =)


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