Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Special Magic of Balance.

Let's start with a few random pics from Friday night:

Yoni, Jess, and's Jess's birthday!

Clearly some sweet photo-taking skills.

Gross. Don't even ask....

K-Mac gives thumbs up to a delicious Stella.

We all went bowling beforehand for Jess's birthday. I didn't do so well.....but I did manage to beat K-Mac each game....yeah, we have that healthy couples' competitiveness. I did something naughty at the bowling alley, in fact I am even embarrassed to say what. OK- but I am not proud of this. I got busted for stealing a jello shot. A JELLO SHOT! They were in little plastic cups with lids on the bar, in a big bowl of ice, right next to the free plate of snack mix I was chowing from. They looked free so I took one, an orange one. The bartender caught me and said, all angry-like, "you need to pay for that" and so sheepishly I extracted a dollar and handed it over. In retrospect it is almost an honest mistake, but still. I feel like white trash.

Speaking of white trash, we had a most awful breakfast experience yesterday morning at the Breakfast Queen. Kmac woke and declared he needed breakfast for his hangover immediately. He asked what I needed, to which I replied "I need Special Magic." "Like the Special Magic of Breakfast Queen?" He asked.

Well, sorta. We certainly weren't going to nice place feeling like we did. And waste a perfectly good breakfast with headache and nausea? So a greasy joint it was. A greasy Breakfast Queen where they forgot my drink, messed up Kevin's order, and served up a perfectly barfalicious burrito brimming with canned mushrooms and orange cheese.

We even caught a waitress dropping toast on the floor, and instead of tossing it, she shook it off with great care and put it back on the plate. The Special Magic of Breakfast Queen indeed!

I know. You must think all my weekends are spent full of nausea and headache. Not so. In fact, we're all up and productive today and I am preparing for a nice run in the gorgeous fall sun. It's all about balance, all about the balance. The Special Magic of Balance.


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