Monday, June 13, 2005

100+ Things

Because every blogger worth her weight in pinot grigio does this, I present to you.......

100+ Things About Moi.

1. I was born in Staunton, Virginia on January 4, 1976. I am so glad that when I was 3 my parents moved us 30 minutes away to Charlottesville, Virginia. Had I grown up in Staunton, I would be a much different person. (Read: a hick).

2. I am actually really proud to say I am from Virginia and specifically from Charlottesville. Virginia is simply beautiful, and Charlottesville is a really cool, artsy, college-y town. The town's most famous residents are/were Thomas Jefferson and Dave Matthews.

3. Sissy Spacek also lives there. When I was about 10 or 11, my parents invited her to a party. I answered the phone when she called back with her regrets. Sissy was so nice (I'm sure she still is) and unpretentious.

4. I am a total neat-freak. I clean, no scrub, the house top-to-bottom once a week. It drives Kevin crazy.

5. I have a 10-year-old cat named Hendrix, after Jimi. He is all black and weighs 20 lbs. His favorite activities are eating, sleeping, eating, eating, and pulling CDs off the CD rack when he's hungry. Hendrix has also eaten psychedelic mushrooms.

6. I also have a dog named Lucy, who turns 2 on the Fourth of July. She belongs to both Kevin and I, but in the event that we should split, he gets her.

7. I baby talk incessantly to both animals.

8. I have a brother who is 27 and a half-sister who is 9. They both live in C'ville. I don't baby talk to them much.

9. I drink coffee every morning, except when I am hungover. Then I want to vomit at the mere smell of it. I season my coffee with lots of sugar and lots of half and half. I hate fancy coffee drinks.

10. I don't eat pork of beef. I do, however, eat chicken, fish, and turkey. But never on the bone. Ick.

11. I lived on a farm until I was 12. At one point we had 20,000 chickens. Someone burned down one of our chicken houses (I can't remember if there were any chickens in it when it was torched) and that was the end of that. My dad then tried raising sheep for awhile. That didn't work out and finally we gave up the farming life. I was pretty happy about that.

12. I learned how to drive a stick before I even got my license, before I had even driven an automatic. When I showed up to driver's ed class they thought I was a total loser because I didn't know how to work the car. I sure showed them with my manual transmission skills.

13. My current car is a 2004 Subaru Outback. And it's a stick.

14. I lost my viginity when I was 16 to a boy named Jeff Ward. We were camping with some friends and as soon as "it" happened I got up out of the tent and had to tell my girlfriends.

15. I was a floral designer for over 10 years. My mom owned a florist and taught me the trade. I worked my way through college in many different flower shops. Most recently, I was the floral buyer and manager at Whole Foods Market.

16. Then I got my "big girl" job. I'm now a fundraiser at a university. I don't really miss floral design at all. It was hard work for little pay.

17. My parents got divorced when I was 16.

18. I am much, much closer to my mom. I haven't seen or talked to my father in over a year.

19. I have really good handwriting. I'm also a pretty good at the art of forgery.

20. I still smoke the mary jane. Not as often as I used to, but I do.

21. I have never bitten my nails.

22. I am incredibly impatient.

23. I am also incredibly organized and and extremely punctual. Except I am always 25 minutes late for work. Everyday.

24. I used to be awfully fond of backless homemade hippie shirts and patchworked items of clothing. I loved making things out of hemp. My friend Emily and I used to make little hippie purses and we called them our "mountain bags."

25. I know how to sew, but referring back to #22, I am too impatient to follow a pattern. I am one of those "practical" sewers who mainly sews to make pillows, or curtains, or hem pants.

26. I am really gaseous. It's gotten worse as I have gotten older.

27. I love taking hot baths. I like it when Kevin comes in to "check on me" when I'm in the tub. Really, he just wants to see me naked.

28. I was on Paxil for 3 years.

29. I don't really like to cook. It's too bad because I've discovered that when I do cook, I'm pretty good at it.

30. My least favorite part of my body is my stomach. It has never been flat and probably never will be. My favorite part is my boobs- they're a perfect 34-C.

31. I am a terrible morning person. When I do get up and going, however, it's my most productive time of day.

32. I truly like the TV show Golden Girls.

33. I am terrified of snakes. Bugs and spiders are OK.

34. I was a cheerleader. I was also in a sorority. I only lasted a year in each.

35. I have absolutely no sweet tooth. Doughnuts are gross and taste like grease. Cake=barf. The only sweets I really like are ice cream and dark chocolate.

36. My middle name is Wynn. I like it.

37. I met my best friend in Girl Scouts in the third grade. She gave me a little travel game as my secret santa gift for Christmas. We had a really heinous leader whose daughter, a total snot, was in our troop. We hated her. Then Jess transferred to my elementary school out in the country and we've been friends ever since.

38. Jess thinks she "brought me out of my shell." I was really shy as a kid. I've worked hard to get over that. I still feel really uncomfortable being the center of attention.

39. I love to sing karaoke. But only when I am sufficiently lubed. Kevin is often embarrassed when I get drunk and there is a band playing wherever we are. Sometimes I will ask them if I can sing. It's always been a secret dream of mine, even though I seriously don't think I am that good.

40. I have never had a threesome. I don't think I ever will.

41. I am scared to fly. But that will never stop me from going anywhere.

42. I have tried a lot of drugs.

43. I still smoke cigarettes when I am out drunk at a bar. I will admit that I am still addicted, I'm just exceptionally good at controlling it.

44. I am not in the least bit religious. As a child we never went to church. My parents both grew up Presbyterian and I think it turned them off so much they decided never to take us. Whenever I would go to Catholic church with my neighbors I would feel embarrassed that I didn't know the bible or their prayers. This self-consciousness has stuck with me. I find church intimidating.

45. Even though I was an English major, I like science. I am pretty good at math. I did really well on the analytical part of my GREs and shitty on the verbal.

46. I keep a written journal in my underwear drawer and I sincerely believe that Kevin has never read it. I hardly write in it anymore.

47. I lust after cheese and salt. Nachos and fries are what I crave when I am drunk. Or PMS-ing. Or when I am sad or depressed.

48. I have serious issues with food. Although I was never anorexic, there were days when all I would eat were saltines. Or one plain dry bagel. Or some broccoli.

49. I think I experience guilt more than the average person.

50. I am good at making To-Do lists. Both personally and at work. I am also very good at getting things crossed off on them.

51. I hate shopping. Groceries, clothes, presents for people. I find shopping very stressful.

52. My alcoholic drink of choice is wine, hands down. I'll drink pretty much any varietal, I'm not a snob about it.

53. I also like margaritas, extra-dirty-extra-olives martinis, and bourbon.

54. I love a good front porch.

55. I am good at disc golf. I could be good at real golf....Kevin says I show potential.

56. I am also good at pool. I particularly enjoy going out with just girls and challenging some random guys to a game. They first try to act suave and macho, then inevitably they try to pick you up.

57. I have finally learned how to run. I actually like it. Getting out there and doing it is the hard part.

58. I dated someone who was 21 and worked at a carwash when I was 16. My best friend dated his roommate. We hung out at their place, which we called "The Apartment," almost every day after school. We basically would show up and get drunk on concoctions like Jim Beam and Tang. We also smoked really bad weed and witnessed some really ghetto activities.

59. My first job at the tender age of 16 was as a waitress at Aunt Sarah's Pancake House. I wore a white nurse dress, white nurse shoes, panty hose, a checkered apron and matching bonnet, and a name badge that said "Aunt Rosie." I made a lot of money working there. I almost cried when I quit to become a lifeguard.

60. I have dated a black man.

61. I have lived in Colorado for 6 years now. I love it here.

62. But I also miss the lush greenery and propriety of the South. I miss the southern twang. I am always self-conscious when I say "y'all" because nobody here says it.

63. I have really horrible bouts of insomnia. Because of this, I had a dangerously close addiction to Xanax. I still like Xanax. You got any?

64. Nobody in my family is officially gay. But then again, you never know.

65. I believe in ghosts. In fact, I think there is a ghost in my current house. This doesn't scare me.

66. My mom plays bluegrass music. I really admire her for this. I wish I played an instrument. I remember being a kid and my mom having band practice and me hating it. Now, it's my favorite music.

67. I am really stubborn.

68. I never had braces or wore glasses. But I was still a dork.

69. I don't like to admit it, but I like reading People and US Weekly. My old boss got me into it, since she had subscriptions to both. She's now gone, and I miss them. But I can't bring myself to buy one.

70. I live in Colorado and I don't ski.

71. I live in Colorado and I absolutely love hiking, backpacking, and being outdoors.

72. I have only been to jail once. It was on Martha's Vineyard and it was because I was drunk in public, but really my friend lived above an apartment that was having a party and some suspected drug dealers were there. Things got a little messy and my friend and I spent the night in a very low-key holding cell. The next day I had to go to court and pay a fine. I don't believe it's on my record.

73. I got pulled over for a DUI last spring, took the roadside test instead of the breathalizer and passed. (I was drunk, but those Yoga balancing poses really paid off).

74. I liked New Kids on the Block. But once my mom took me and Jess to see them in concert, I was over it. I have never been one to idolize and cry over celebrities.

75. When George W. Bush won the election this past November, I cried. And I stayed home from work the next day.

76. I love love LOVE garlic.

77. Even though I know it's bad for me, I still lay out. Since I am redhead, I now make sure to wear lots of sunscreen. I used to spend summers on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and I have seen myself get tan. I still perhaps cling to this image.

78. If I have a daughter, I am naming her Maya. If I have a second daughter, I am naming her Abby. If I have a son, I don't know what the hell I'm naming him.

79. I once thought I would be a broadcast journalist and started college as a communications major. Once I took a creative writing class, I was hooked. I struck a balance as an English major with a concentration in Creative Non-Fiction.

80. I don't think I am good with computers, but really I'm just too lazy to sit down and master it.

81. That's about the only thing I'm lazy with. I'm definitely a type-A personality and find it really hard to relax.

82. I like Oprah and think she's got good things going on. Kevin hates her.

83. I have only been to France, Egypt, Canada, and Mexico. My passport is wayyyyy expired.

84. I prefer Leno to Letterman.

85. Cheap incense makes me want to gag. So do un-natural beauty products. I am kind of a snob about my shampoo, lotion, and body wash.

86. I love to dance. One of the first questions I ever asked Kevin was if he danced. It's a requirement.

87. I am very comfortable in the water. Although, I used to work for a rafting company and just about shit my britches on one of their trips.

88. I have never been to Vegas.

89. I am not a big fan nail polish. Pedicures are very uncomfortable because my feet are so ticklish.

90. I think chewing gum, for the most part, is low class and obnoxious.

91. I believe in treating people how you yourself want to be treated. Long ago, I was a proponent of being able to say what you really think for the sake of being able to say it. But now, not so much. What's the point of saying something if it's going to piss someone off? What do you really hope to accomplish? Because the person you're criticizing is never going to see your viewpoint.

92. The older I get, the more I learn the value of admitting you're wrong.

93. I used to be an obnoxious drunk-dialer. I almost blew it with Kevin because of it. I have since learned my lesson.

94. I won a Go-Cart when I was 13. My mom was in Grease, the musical, and they used a Go-Cart for Greased Lightening. They drew my name in the raffle at the end of the show. Man, did we have fun in that thing.

95. I believe in abortion, strongly.

96. I have assisted in dying a poodle pink for Easter.

97. I hate Christmas. My favorite holiday is Halloween.

98. I have really horrible credit.

99. I can't stand for my feet to be covered in the bed.

100. I hate goodbyes. They make me uncomfortable.

101. I have never had a birthday worth remembering--it's at the worst time, right after the holidays. I was always so envious of people with summer birthdays.

102. I have lost 20 pounds in the past year.

103. I stole a bathing suit from Belk when I was in high school. It's the only thing I have ever stolen. Oh wait, no- also when I was in high school I snuck into a dorm room at UVA and stole a J. Crew shirt.

104. I get car sick in the backseat.

105. I met someone once on an internet dating site and then went out with him. It didn't work out, but I don't regret doing it.

106. I like ironing. I hate folding laundry.

107. I hate bad spelling, especially in public places. The coffee shop next door has a sign that says "Thank's." I hate when people add apostrophes when a word is plural!

108. I hate pretention. I hate when people try to top your story with one that's bigger and better.

109. I have a tatto of the OM symbol on my right shoulder.

110. I wear a size 7 shoe. I think my feet are pretty fucking cute.

111. I love the colors green and purple.

112. I think a "camel toe" is the most disgusting thing.

113. It also grosses me out when a waiter wipes down a table with a dirty old wet towel and then touches your plate, or sets the silverware down on the table when it's still wet. Sick!

114. I prefer the beach to the mountains.

115. I wish I were more decisive.

116. I like drinking. A lot.

117. White athletic socks annoy me, especially with sandals.

118. I blush easily.

119. I don't like to poop at work.

120. I hate drinking out of metal.

121. We recycle so much stuff we never even fill up a full trash bag each week.

122. I love cole slaw, sweet tea, deviled eggs, and baked beans.

123. I love yard sales but sometimes I feel self-conscious pawing around in people's stuff.

124. I turn 30 this year!

125. I hate those magnetic yellow ribbons that people put on their cars. And no, I don't subscribe to the whole "hero" thing. Our soldiers are there because we have a war-monger for a President.


At 8:24 PM, Anonymous Lusty Lee said...

Concerning #125: I have been shit on, puked on, nailed in the head, bitten, poked in the eye, and in the midst of hours long scream fests. Some would call that a hero too, but like the soldiers, it's part of the job. (toddlers are rough)


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