Friday, June 10, 2005

Something to wrap your brain around.


Get off your lazy asses and watch something thought-provoking this weekend.

May I recommend What the Bleep Do we Know?

While the film didn't change my life, as many others have proclaimed, it did give me something to wrap my brain around, something to actively listen to and reflect upon, instead of sitting numbly on my couch being force-fed the same old Hollywood bullshit that I usually watch (and admittedly, usually enjoy).

The movie is an intersection of many modes of thought--namely, quantum physics, spirituality, psychology, and biology. Instead of giving you a complete synopsis of the movie, which I honestly couldn't do if I tried, here are some theories from it that were reinforced or introduced to me:

  • We become "addicted" to certain emotions. Thus, they become habits. For me, it's a mix of depression and anxiety. If you've ever been to a good therapist, then you already know this.
  • We are responsible for our realities. Duh. But you'd be surprised how many people are "victims" instead of proactive makers of their own existence. Think how many people place the "blame" on God, nature, the neighbors next door, and (gasp!) the government.
  • Do we really love the person we proclaim to be in love with or merely the emotion of being in love? I was forced to think how quickly we can write off people who we were at one point in love with. (This applies to any emotion or sense).
  • We consciously create our day. Think about your day today, what have you done or thought to chart its course? Probably quite a bit. You, my friend, have the power to change a day gone awry.
  • We conciously create our whole realities. Thoughts and feelings aboslutely affect our physical reality.

There's lots, lots more to ponder and digest. You'll just have to watch it yourself (maybe twice, even) and form your own assessment of your reality.

Because really, what the bleep do I know?


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