Monday, July 11, 2005


This weekend was crazy.

As is standard with me, I slept until 1:30 PM yesterday and consequently didn't sleep at all last night. Well, maybe a little. Enough to dream about something I can't remember. I will let you know what that was once this fog clears.

Saturday night was Heather's bachelorette party. True to form, we were all naughty, naughty girls......talking about naughty, naughty things. We ate some good grub (compared to the poor selection our male counterparts had for their bachelor party.....meat, meat, meat. Oh, and a tub of grocery store potato salad. YUM.), drank some cocktails, opened some racy gifts. Me, one of mine was a tube of "Mr. Thick Dick" penis-enhancing cream. We played some Jenga, drank some more, played another bachelorette game, drank some more, played the "Bethany Game." Then, you got it- drank some more. We went out to a strip club where- I'm not proud of this but find it pretty funny- I decided to hop on stage, pull off my tank top, swing it around my head a few times, gyrate my hips a little, and hop down.

I made approximately 2 bucks doing that.

In the course of all the madness I lost my cell phone. I just called it and to my surprise someone answered it. Apparently I left it on the bar at the strip club. So I have to go there after work and get it. Maybe I'll pop in for a quick lap dance.

Check out the pictures of the night HERE. Sorry, there are none of me and my boobies!


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