Wednesday, July 06, 2005

When are YOU guys getting married?

Sanders Wedding
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Ummmm, as soon as all you fucks get your weddings out of the way?

Sorry everyone who's getting married! I love weddings, I do! I am just sick of hearing that question, especially after this past wedding-central weekend. What if we never get married? What if we are content to live the rest of our lives like Goldie and Kurt? What if we'll never call each other anything more than girlfriend and boyfriend? (Actually we had a discussion recently about how those terms make the seriousness of our relationship much less than it really is. However, to say partner implies to some people that maybe you're gay. What is the proper terminology? Domestic lover?)

In all honesty, I do want to be a wife. I'm just not ready to be a bride. At least, not one of those brides. You know, maniacal....anal....bitchy....unable to enjoy the party.

When the time comes, and for everyone out there: I'M SURE IT WILL, y'all will all be married, with kids, leading these routine lives that married people lead....HA! Then in come Rose and Kev with the PARTY OF THE YEAR, and everyone will be able to make it since after all, everyone else's weddings will have passed....

OK, bring this up to me next year when we're engaged. Maybe you can give me the big ol' I TOLD YOU SO.

In any case, we had an awesome time up in Fort Collins and none of the brides were bitchy or maniacal. Everything was simply lovely. Check out the pictures from the weekend here.


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