Monday, February 20, 2006

Em turns 30.

Emily turned the big 3-0 yesterday....Happy Birthday Em! We went up to Summit County to celebrate with her.

Em had planned to have some people over for dinner....dinner that was going to be prepared by her. Well, no 30th birthday girl should EVER be responsible for her own party, and especially should not be slaving over a hot stove to cook for her friends. So we surprised her and threw the party for her!


Since Em was not as lucky as yours truly and was not able to take a tropical vacation for her birthday, we brought the tropics to her! Jerk chicken, Coronas, lemonade vodka drinks, and leis abound!

Kev dons a lei in the true spirit of the tropics:

Lucy was excited for the party as well, and even more excited to cavort with her "older man." I swear, we did not pose them like this:

So we drank and ate, ate and drank, drank and ate and smoked and drank some more. Some glassware broke, some girltime was had, some gifties were opened. You know, it was a birthday celebration.

Then, after a good many shots of Crown Royal, we found the wigs. The wigs worn by Bottled Violence, Crawford's band. As any good garage band would store their gig wear, we found the garage.

The blonde mullet is so sexy, no?

Don't you think Em looks like Rizzo from Grease?

We never made it out to the bars, but we did gear up and take a short trek to watch some Summit County boys go off kickers on a skateboard with a ski on the bottom. I fell face first into a huge snowbank on the walk home while I was escorting Kevin to bed. That's putting Kevin to bed! Imagine that! After he was safe and sound in drunken slumber, I made myself a big ol' plate of jerk kabobs and potato salad and ate like any intoxicated woman would do.

A hangover was successfully staved off and a good time was had.


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