Thursday, February 16, 2006

A lazy list.

Because there are some new readers to my blog, and because I am a sorry excuse for a blogger today, here are some not-so-random things you should know about yours truly:

- I am from Charlottesville, VA. It's a damn shame too. There goes one cool town we can't check out for a future move! (Sorry girls, there's just no way.)

- I have English degrees from George Mason University (BA) and Colorado State (MA).

- I am really, really impatient. I do everything fast....walk, drive, eat, etc. Slow people drive me crazy!

- I love drinking, especially wine. I keep waiting for the day when it is not fun anymore.

- I love dancing. Not afraid, no sirree. I will dance to anything, anytime.

- I also enjoy karaoke. I'd even do it sober.

- I have red hair. Everywhere. Freckles too.

- I don't eat red meat. My favorite foods are Mexican, Thai, peanut butter, french fries (good ones), and a big salad with grilled chicken or fish on top. Pizza is yummy too.

- I hate sweets. Lucky me, right?

- I ran 3.5 miles today during lunch.

- I have been with Kevin for almost 5 years, lived together for almost 3. We are total opposites in terms of how we approach the world (I am a Capricorn, he is a Libra) but essentially we share all the same, politics, ideas, music, games, outdoors, etc. I know we frustrate each other to no end, but it for some reason it works.

- I am inherently shy but I can chat up anyone.

- I am INFJ.

- I have a really green thumb. We have a garden and over 30 houseplants.

- I love bluegrass music.

- I am good at keeping in touch with people, but I hate talking on the phone.

- I get nervous when I fly. I hate it.

- I'm a total neat-freak and I am very, very organized. But I hate rules and I hate following instructions. I am a total doer, I jump right in. I hate learning new card and board games. Again, this is because I am way too impatient.

- I feel like my brain is currently not being stimulated enough. I read a lot, but I also watch too much crappy television. I feel uninspired.

- My mom is a hippie.

- My dad is a jerk.

- My brother is a chef.

- My sister is 10 years old.

- The last movie I saw on DVD was "In Her Shoes." In theater: "Brokeback Mountain."

- I am currently reading "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius." I love non-fiction, especially memoirs.

- My yoga class intimidates me.

- I hate grocery shopping, going to the ATM, and getting gas. I will drive dangerously past the light just because I am too lazy to stop. And I never have cash.

- I also hate shopping for clothes. When I do, I always end up at REI, the Gap outlet, or J. Crew. (It's that Virginia in me!) I love Anthropologie and it's little sister Urban Outfitters, but don't feel like I can wear much from either.

- Even though my patchwork and hemp-wearing days are over, I am still pretty au natural.

- I LOVE earrings. The bigger and danglier, the better. I've never collected anything in my life (stamps, coins, animals....please.) but I guess I could call my earring fetish a collection of sorts.

- The first thing I do when I get home from work is put on jammies. I love me some comfy cozy jammies. I don't care if it's only 5:30.

- I love me some hot baths too. I am a total homebody.

- My favorite flower is the dahlia. I also like hydrangeas and tulips and some random flowers nobody has ever heard of. I used to be a florist.

- Jobs I have held: waitress, lifeguard, sales person at a leather goods shop, florist, sales person at an outdoor store, office girl at a whitewater rafting company, writing consultant, fundraiser.

- I have a car, it is what everyone in Colorado drives: a Subaru Outback.

- I have sketchy credit and lots of school debt.

- My favorite color is, naturally, green.


Alrighty. That's all the tooting of my own horn I can take right now.


At 1:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

rosie it's patsy. thanks for remembering us in va. it misses you. i just had to say i seem to remember you collecting business cards way back when. is that not true?

At 8:47 AM, Blogger Rosie said...

it was a half-assed attempt, but yes- you are correct! i did in fact collect business cards!

what a weird thing to collect at the tender age of 14. was i starting my networking skills then or what?

i miss you too! i will be home the first weekend in april.


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