Monday, October 16, 2006

On behalf of bosses everywhere.

Today is National Boss Day and my people didn't get me NUTHIN'. No card, no flowers, no candy, no thanks for that $3,000 raise last June. Not a goddamn thing.

(Apparently I channel Michael on The Office....)

I kid, I kid. A little. I mean, hey, who's the one who threw a big wine and cheese bash on Secretary's Day last year? Where's my wine and cheese, HUH? HUH?

Let me be the first to deliver the earth-shattering news that being a boss is certainly no picnic. In fact, most of the time I hate it.

And when I wasn't the boss? Hated it then too. That's what we're trained to do from a young age on is hate our bosses, right? Talk shit about them? Criticize them for making more money, doing less work, and generally enjoying more perks and bennies?

Yeah. A big What to the Ever!

I have to sit through pointless and painful lunches and meetings. I have to rein in overzealous secretaries. I have to obey the rules of HR. I have to meet budgets and negotiate raises and be the one to take the heat should the shit go down.


I guess there are some bosses who probably get off on the whole control aspect of management, but not me. I just want to come in, be friends with everyone, do my work, and go home. I can't bear the thought that people I work with who don't share my title probably talk shit about me. Call me paranoid, but I know how it is. I was once a shit-talker myself. Think: my boss is not nearly as smart as I am, I could totally do her job, she just sits and IMs all day, I do all the work.

Sound familiar?

Anyway, I am not saying you need to drop everything and give your boss a big old bear hug or a schmaltzy card (suck-up!), just keep in mind today that your boss (provided he or she is not the most heinous boss alive, there are definitely those) is a person too, just trying to make a living and trying to make sure a job gets done. It's not always the greatest place to be but it is what it is.

And when that same boss gives you a kickass reference for your first management position? You will totally see.


At 4:40 PM, Blogger African Kelli said...

Whoopsie daysie. I suppose I should have done something for my boss...


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