Wednesday, February 07, 2007


You know, I've always thought of the stomach flu as some sort of urban call-in-sick-to-work myth. Or, perhaps more commonly, as a euphemism for a hangover.

(Maybe that's just me.)

I mean, who gets the stomach flu? Not me. At least not since yesterday: the honest-to-god stomach flu is what I've had for the past 36 hours. And it kicked my little butt to the toilet and back. About 50 gazillion times!

So I'm doing a little better today. This word no longer makes me want to hurl:


I'll try to return to my blogging obligations as soon as pie. (pie?)

* What we ate on Super Bowl Sunday, as well as lunch on Monday...

PS. I have now gone from this:
- Learn how to knit (finally!) and take a wine class

To this:
-Learn how to knit (finally!) and take a wine class.

I had to miss my fucking wine class last night!!!!!!!


At 2:14 PM, Anonymous hdw said...

Aw! Feel better, honey. I know you have Kev, but if you need anything, I'm happy to run something over to you.

Take care!


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