Friday, January 19, 2007

Phantom realizations that ipods really do kick ass, and that I should probably cut off this song now.

I feel like what I'm about to type is going to come off as stereotypical and pompous and bitchy and kind of mean and maybe a little drunk.

I freaking LOVE my ipod!

(Now, that's only to soften the blow...ha!)

It's always kind of annoyed me, the bloggers who write stuff like "my ipod began to play Harvest Moon by Neil Young and it reminded me of Bob, who used to take me out for Thai every Thursday..." and really, instead of me reading into it as, Oh Bob! An old memory! An old flame!, I see only: the fucking stereotypical Mac geek strolling down the street in an ironic artsy T-shirt with earbuds stuffed beneath side-swept messy hair and checkered Vans slipper kicks. WHO CARES ABOUT THE FUCKING IPOD? Cheesy.

Hey. Being honest.


Let me tell you a few things. A) I own shirts from Threadless too, and they kick ass. (Especially yours, Karen! And I'm kind of sad I'm not out with you guys, but we have to get up at the crack and I know myself, I have no cut-off sensor whatsoever, so home with wine it is!) B) Macs frustrate me to no end, but hell if they don't get the job done on some verrrry pretty ads for me and my program and C) I prefer side-swept messy hipster hair to a buzz cut ANYDAY.

(Ooops, Kev has a rather buzz-like cut. Sorry babe!)

And now, D) the big reveal: I freaking LOVE my ipod!

And...too bad I already said that.

I do. I am in love with all of it. I JUST bought my first song off itunes. In fact, I've bought 3 already and given that I'm on my ??th glass of wine, I wouldn't put another 5 or 6 past me. It is so addicting! Music has NEVER been so easy. I take back all my calling of ipod-reflecting bloggers cheeseballs.

People! I am eating my cheese!

So I bought the new Shins song: Phantom Limb. I think Kev is ready to strangle me because I've listened to it 20 times so far. Actually, he might not even notice as he is tearing the house apart looking for his ski goggles...anyway, I love this song! It might even make me go see The Shins on the 15th!

Now I am hearing "Eyes" by Rogue Wave, because alright? I heard it on a movie called Just Friends. I think Ryan Reynolds is HOT and Alanis is very lucky and I really did think that movie was incredibly cute. Amy Smart too. So I bought the song - that's what's so AWESOME about 99 cent songs, you don't have to buy the whole album and it's instant gratification!!!

All about instant gratification.

Any other recommendations of repeat-inducing songs?

One more bit of music news: The Be Good Tanyas, who are also one of my favorite bands EVER, play at Cervantes on the 29th. As far as I know, and I would know, this is the first time they've played anywhere I've lived....I am a HUGE HUGE fan. And guess who opens? PEE PEE! Y'all oughta know, I mean go.


At 12:04 AM, Blogger Shmeder said...

1. Congrats on the iPod... they are addicting and fun!

2. Threadless rules. I just got a few more t-shirts. I think I may need a threadless anonymous meeting to kick this habit. Everyone needs The Communist Party t-shirt. Really.

3. I am now addicted to to track my iTunes playing habits. Again, another addiction.

4. I'm a download fanatic. It's a beautiful thing.

5. I don't think you sounded bitchy at all. Just honest - a great quality.

6. Why the hell did I decide to make a numbered list? I'm a little tipsy too.

At 4:24 PM, Blogger hotdrwife said...

We missed seeing you last night! Lots of fun!!

And I LOVE The Be Good Tanyas. Great band - enjoy!


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