Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekendy Goodness.


OK, PEE PEE rocked. I totally take my snivelling back. I thought they were going to be some kind of angsty screechy annoying indie rock, but they are not! Though they kind of seem like a bunch of people who used to be in their high school bands, Pee Pee (terrible name notwithstanding....although you know it's fun to say!) was great. Listen to the song "Impossible" on their MySpace. You'll like it.


Before Pee Pee we had Swing Thai with Connor and Sarah and it was yummy.


No hangover. Enough said.

Ran some errands, dealt with the madness that is the Cherry Creek Whole Foods, took poochie for a stroll to our favorite store, Corks.


Thank god I saved up calories all day for Gumbo's! All I have to say is: BUTTER. Creamy herbed garlic butter.......yum. Gumbo's was a nice surprise. We had the best service, a good bottle of wine, and the food was decent. I started with an almond goat cheese salad and then had the blackened catfish atop crawfish etoufee with sauteed veggies (the waitress was nice enough to let us know the rice was beef-based)and Kevin had Mahi-Mahi in some kind of cream sauce with potatoes, and he too had a bowl of crawfish etoufee. It was completely fattening, but tasty.


I have always loved the Cruise Room (in the Oxford Hotel), mainly because of my undying devotion to good martinis. I also love the pretty people who go there. Saturday night did not disappoint. Two martinis and a heated conversation about whether or not our future kids will attend Catholic school later, we called it a night and walked home.

(Consensus: Our kids will not be attending Catholic school. Ha ha.)


Also no hangover. Enough said, redux.

I made the birthday boy french toast. We lounged about over coffee and the Sunday paper. I swept leaves off the patio and did some tidying around the house (tidying? Who am I, my mother? Hi Mom!).


Pull yourself off the floor, I baked something. I made organic whole wheat chocolate cupcakes with organic cream cheese frosting (OK- there was non-organic powdered sugar in the frosting. I guess no one can certify me.) and topped them with almond slivers. They came out just OK. They were pretty dry. I have a large plateful left, and I have the feeling they will not get eaten. At least not by me. Oh well, they were nice to stick candles in!


We decided over the weekend that we are going to limit TV watching in our house to 3 hours each per week. Kevin used up his allowance yesterday watching the Broncos game, and I used up an hour of mine watching Desperate Housewives. We've realized that we could be doing more constructive things than sitting around arguing about who gets to watch what. TV has a way of slowly creeping in and taking over - particularly around this time of year.


That's what we had for dinner last night. From Gaetano's.


Kevin's. I think it was a good one.


At 11:24 AM, Blogger i know, i can smell it said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. I too love the cruise room - ambiance galore.

At 1:15 PM, Blogger Hubs said...

the cruise room is modeld after a lounge on the queen mary - thus the name.

does organic cream cheese make the cupcakes tatse better?

only 3 hours? you're crazy.

At 3:46 PM, Blogger African Kelli said...

Lord. Can I come over for that breakfast? YUM.

At 4:32 PM, Blogger Rosie said...

I believe all organic products taste better.

However, with the cupcakes: the fact that the cream cheese was full-on fat was the clincher, I think.

But they still weren't very good.


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