Sunday, January 07, 2007

Look, I've done gone and made some resolutions!

Well. Hi. I am a little embarrassed at the patheticness of the last 2 posts....but fear not, rosalish is back. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and whatnot, both to my blogger buds who commented and to others of you who emailed or called or just sent a good b-day vibe my way.....XOXOX.

We finally got around to celebrating yesterday. Serious insomnia notwithstanding (another sad sad story for another sad sad day), Kevin and I went SHOPPING. TOGETHER. WITHOUT ANY MELTDOWNS. We both hate shopping, but yesterday was actually kinda fun. We shared dressing rooms("Baby, those chinos are TAPERED." "Wow, the butt is awfully snug.") and offered pearls of wisdom ("Rose, that rug is not going to fit in the office." "Yes it is!" "No it's not!"). I think we've entered a new era, y'all. One that's called: Kev and Rose are no longer starving students and YAY, let's go out and blow money on things we probably don't really need.

(Whatever, we needed that rug - sorry, but I finally hit my limit on the number of pet pee, poo, and barf stains...I mean, seriously.)

So, one rug, a pair of awesome green cords, some sweaters, and a pair of shoes later, I hit my limit on the shopping too so we headed over to the Cherry Cricket for some lunchtime provisions. Being sick really does a number on the old tolerance so I was cut off at ONE. Ha! Beer, that is. Judging from the size 8 cords I had to purchase, I am cut off from CHEESE FRIES too. Lord.

For dinner we went to Vesta Dipping Grill. Vesta was kind of an on-the-fly choice, we made a reservation while having a glass of wine at Paris Wine Bar. (Don't you love all the restaurant linky action?) But I'm so glad we went. Awhile back, an old friend had said it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be, and so I always thought Vesta was just another overhyped Lodo hotspot. But it really was awesome! YUM. A friend of mine who I hadn't seen in months works there, so it was great to see her too. Which makes me realize that I need to put a little more effort into maintaining relationships, which leads me to...

Shit to do in 2007! Yep, new leaves, overturned stones, bygones and all that crap. So, here we go...things to focus on now that I've been officially released from the grips of Birthday Cold Hell:

- Be a better remembering birthdays (OK, I admit: I'm already really good at remembering birthdays), returning calls, making plans, having more girls' nights out. I feel a little like my life is lacking in day-to-day girlfriendship. I have awesome best girls and many great friends, but there are friends that I've let fall by the wayside, and I hate that. I know it's not possible to maintain friendships with everyone, nor is everyone even worth it. I lost a few friends this past year, some of who just weren't positive relationships for me anyway. I guess my point is that I want to nurture and strengthen the terrific friendships I already have and meet more inspiring, artistic, thinking, strong, unique women.

- Alright. Men friends are OK too ;)

- Be a better lover and partner. I told Kev that this year I want to make our relationship the best it can possibly be: more sex, more fun, more adventure, more communication and a deeper connection on all levels. We're really doing better than ever, so this shouldn't be hard. But there's always room, you know!

- Save Money. Heh. The New year's Cliche!

- Oh wait, that's Lose Weight. I really don't want to lose weight so much as get in even better shape and eat more wisely and healthfully. There are always areas for improvement on these fronts, but for the most part (and thanks to last year's resolutions) I've been doing A-OK. (Albeit the holiday pudge.)

- Stop letting Lucy sleep in our bed. I think her sneaky little squeeze-up-in- between-us-in-the-middle-of-the-night routine is wreaking havoc on my ZZZZs. Plus, Cesar would totally kick our ass if he knew we let her get all alpha on us like that. The girl has a perfectly good 6 foot super LoveSac to sleep on, so from now on: our little princess is banished from the big old bed of sin!

- Keep in better touch with family. It's so hard to keep tabs (yet so easy to let time pass) when you live 2,000 miles apart. I need to try harder, especially with grandparents.

- Feed thy brain. Read more stimulating books, attend plays, discover new media, la dee daa. I keep telling myself I need to revisit the classics, it's just that beach reads are just so.....luscious. But they do absolutely nothing for my intellectual growth. I need challenge.

- Get outside my box. Break routine, live life, stay busy. Try new things without fear...OK, with fear, but fear that gets overcome with a little effort on my part.

- Learn how to knit (finally!) and take a wine class.

- Be more generous. Give to others. Volunteer with at least one organization.

- Take a hut trip.

- Look more pulled together. It's hard when you're someone who hates shopping, but I seriously need to build a wardrobe that makes me feel good about myself, rather than one that makes me run for the nearest pair of elastic-waisted jammie pants. This means investing in some high quality, classic, well-fitting garments. New undies and bras...yeah, need those too!

- Make those much-needed doctor's appointments...dermatologist, head doctor, podiatrist (fucking plantar wart - it will be the death of you this year!), acupuncturist. Biggie Purrs is in need of an (expensive as hell) appointment too!

- Pay off credit card. balance isn't all that much. Still. Financial discipline is something that constantly needs to be kept in check. Dawg.

- Tackle something that's going to be really hard. Can't tell you what, just know that it's going to suck.

- Have a baby. (Just checking to see if you're still reading! Ha ha.)

- Have more baby-making, sans actual baby.

- Practice yoga more often.

- Find good art for the walls.

- Run 3 times a week. Ponder something longer than a 10K.

- On that note, simply ponder more. Silence is good. Less TV.


- Be nicer. Don't talk so much shit. Don't be such a gossip. These sound trite, as they're all starting to sound by now, but I do really mean these in a big way. I sometimes feel like such a rotten person, all negative and low self-esteemed. I want to emanate good energy and be less judgmental and more accepting. Everyone, even the most fucked-up, mean, snobbish people, offers something to learn from. Plus, people are inherently good, I'd like to believe.

- Fewer hangovers. More control over drinking maybe is more like it. The anxiety I feel after a bender is crushing. See above: I've been known to run my mouth like a big ol' beotch. I hate the not remembering and the wondering and the imagining of all the evil things that slipped from betwixt my wine-stained lips...

- Know that I am not defined by my past and start living that way.

- Stop worrying what the hell everyone thinks all the time! Stop being so anxious and stop the constant worry of someone not liking me! Already I'm all twitchy and nervous about posting all these personal promises to myself for all the 'nets to see. I want to live more feely and openly (excepting the practicality of job security, of course), with less of the constant freak-out over baring my soul. If you could even call this baring...whatever. Anyway, point being: IT IS OK IF PEOPLE DON'T LIKE ME.

- Finally, because I can't think of another goddamn thing I could possibly improve myself on, it's time to consult the expert:

"Baby! What is one last thing I need to resolute?"

(Waiting for something really insightful and exciting that will make a really witty ending)

"Fix your sleeping issues!"

Alrighty then. A sleeping pill addiction for 2007 it is! Night-night ;)


At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Kevin said...

yes I am still reading

At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Kath said...

YAY! Kevin blogged! Or at least commented!

I love your list Rosie! Out of everything you wrote, the only thing I will comment on is that anyone that doesn't like you is a big Loser Wooser and you're better off with them not in your life.

Oh, and you needed to add 'have more fun kick-ass parties' to your list :-)

At 8:28 AM, Blogger jess said...

hEY rOSEBUD,those are some good resolutions. I too have been feeling like I need to nurture my friendships a bit more. I blame it on grad school but I think it is just a matter of priorities. I may borrow that reso from you :)
I hope you got the B-day card and a feel like a heel for not calling too but it sounds like you were sick and I 'm glad I didn't interrupt some good sick-day-birthday-TV-marathoning.
Cheerio 2007 and I'll see you in March!

At 3:46 PM, Blogger Rosie said...

Yep- I got your card Jess, thanks!

And people, that was Kevin's first rosalicious blog comment EVER. Too nad I had to play the BABY card to get it ;) Ha ha.

At 11:14 AM, Anonymous hubs said...

of course kev is reading, you mentioned more sex twice in your resolutions.

that's a pretty hefty list rosie. good luck. you can do it.

At 2:28 PM, Blogger African Kelli said...

Man, that is a lot of resolutions for a girl who already has a great life! :)


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