Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The state of things.

Dudes, where to start? So much has gone on over the past week. The one thing that hasn't budged, however, is my perpetual state of stress and grinchiness.

GRINCHINESS. As in, wake me up when this crap is over.

At this point I kind of feel like I've missed the boat on regaling you with tales of Kevin's dad and his girlfriend and their visit, along with anecdotes of their general lack of desire to try anything new. (And I can't help but ask: who the hell hates Mexican food?) I mean, they are nice and all but have absolutely nothing in common with us. Believe me, I kept this in mind as I tried very hard not to get offended at his dad's comments about my cooking. Canned and boxed foods are just not things that appear on my menus.

I could tell you about our graduation party, but I sure as hell don't remember much of it. Once again, I set myself up for disappointment. I know that those who came said they had a great time, and if it weren't my party I would have too. But, there were several people whom we consider pretty good friends who either RSVPed yes and didn't show, or read the evite and couldn't be bothered to respond. I took this really personally for some reason. I know it's a busy time of year and maybe I should have given them a personal phone call, but still. I can see if you've read the damn evite and as long as you've opened it you may as well respond! (These people don't read this blog regularly so don't think I'm being all passive aggressive!) But I am really glad that those of you who came, did =) I probably just shouldn't have skipped dinner and moved straight into those tequila shots.

And I could go on about the stress of packing up and boarding Lucy and paying someone to shoot up Biggie Purrs and flying clear across the country AGAIN for over a thousand dollars, but really, I do care greatly about seeing my family (most of them, anyway) and old friends and once I get there it'll be super fun, provided no one waves a shot of Reposado beneath my nose. (Hear that, girls?)

Siggggggghhhhh. I go through this shit every year. At least next year there will be no travel. NO TRAVEL. Unless it's to Mexico.

Anyway. Oh my lands, y'all! We are having a BLIZZARD. Normally I hate snowstorms and the traffic and travel snarls it causes, but today we get to go home at lunch! I am going to drink wine at 3 PM and finish my crafting in my cozy warm house with my cozy warm pets and maybe watch Oprah, or a movie. And I will eat cookies and chex mix so I look nice and fat to all the people back home who haven't seen me in awhile! Snow days are nice, and I hope we get one tomorrow too.

**Snow Update**

Just got home and it is TREACHEROUS out there. Blowing snow and you can't see beyond the car in front of you. There are lots of cars off the side of the road and people not being able to stop, driving fast, sliding. I don't see how anyone with 4WD even made it. Thank god for my Subie!! I white-knuckled it all the way home, while at the same time silently cursing the fact that we even had to go in at all today. Totally a poor management call. And since practically everyone closed at lunch, it's basically rush hour out there. Kev's office already closed for tomorrow and mine better!

Oh the drama and hype of it all! They're dubbing this the "Holiday Blizzard" - cheese!!

More later, considering I'm trapped in the house for the next 24 hours. Unless Highland Tavern is open....heehee.


At 6:21 PM, Blogger hotdrwife said...

We back up to a major street - it's been fascinating watching everyone trying to drive in this mess.

Hope you are enjoying your time home!

At 8:16 PM, Anonymous Kath said...

Your party was sooo lovely and your guests that did show were awesome.

I know how you feel about people not even opening the damn Evite! I just console myself by saying I need to focus on who has responded and who will attend.

But yeah, it does hurt. And suck.


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