Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I am prone to winning things. Yeah, you just might call someone like me a WINNER. Ha! Seriously. Over the years I've won lots of things: concert tickets, money, books, shoes, even a go-cart. At a golf tournament this summer, I won a night's stay at The Table Mountain Inn and an accompanying gift certificate to its restaurant. So, this past Saturday night, Kev and I used it.

First of all, the shower in our room kicked ass. I got drunk and took a picture of it. I think I want a shower like this someday.

(I was drunk because at the hotel bar I whined that my margarita wasn't strong enough - well! It wasn't! - so the bartender poured a gallon and a half of Jose in it to shut me up....and....it worked. Or, didn't. Drunk people talk a lot. Right?)

Second of all, the free Aveda products! Picture worthy? Probably not, but Rosie like.

We brought Lucy. What, don't most parents bring their children to a romantic night's stay? No? Well what can I say? She likes to watch.

Kev wore his best sweater vest to dinner.

(Ha! I am such a liar. That picture is from Thanksgiving. I just wanted an excuse to use it. So I made one up. Still, Kev! Look how cute he is in that thing!)

Good thing he didn't put sweater-vest effort into this particular dinner, because we ate at a yucky restaurant that kind of resembled Shoney's (I feel bad saying that, since they just recovered from a fire and all). To compensate for the dinner disappintment, we traipsed around Golden (ahem, where I also happen to work..) in the snow and ice, taking shots at various bars, playing pool, and generally carrying on with our drunk selves. Bad bad. At least I didn't launch into any fundraising sermons to unsuspecting undergrads, as I have been known to do before around Golden! My hangover on Sunday I'm pretty sure was close to epic, but we still managed to brunch, Kev even proclaiming his breakfast the best he's ever had.

We also put up our Holiday Tree.

Wow, it looks awfully similar to last year's, doesn't it?

Notice this year I am not using the cheesin' silver bow perched atop. My tree top's naked! Maybe it needs a fugly Target star after all.

And take a look at this stinker, would you?

Lucy's naughtiness is deceptively cute, I'm aware. But naughty she is! Already she's eaten 2 ornaments off this year's tree. Kevin starts work full-time next week and I think she's going to destroy the whole damn tree when she figures that one out. At least Biggie Purrs doesn't climb Holiday Trees anymore, I'm thankful for that. He just likes to pee on the tree skirt....ha ha. Fun with pets!

Does anyone else have their tree up? Live or fake? I mean, artificial....

Also, what does it say about my state of mind that I've skipped Yoga for the past 2 Tuesday nights to go to Kickboxing instead?

Also also, (I always do this at the end of my posts, get all amped to squeeze in just one more unrelated topic) a vendor just walked in and gave me a Christmas gift and it is a book called Yes!, because it's "dedicated to all our clients to whom we always try to say Yes!" I really don't like little inspirational gift books. For the record, and all. I mean, does anyone?


At 8:25 AM, Blogger i know, i can smell it said...

Ha Ha! A copy of "yes!" was also bestowed upon me. If it didn't have the stupid little dedication page in it, I'd seriously consider re-gifting it...perhaps to my mother-in-law in return for the 15 year old Victoria's Secret "talc & lotion set" she dug out of her closet and wrapped for me last year!

At 11:03 AM, Blogger jess said...

Hey Ro.
It is a nice shower. I'm super into creative tiling right now.
Why is it a "Holiday" tree this year instead of a Christmas tree? Is that on e of the religious rules of PC online blogging?
Hey, BTW, I need your address soon. Little elfy pants might just churn something out.
That sounds gross. Not what I meant.

At 1:00 PM, Blogger Rosie said...

I know, technically it's a Christmas tradition, but I think I just personally like "Holiday" better - it's more pertinent to my beliefs and encompasses celebrating all the holidays that fall around this time of year....Hanukkah, Solstice, Xmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, New Year's, and the BIGGEST and BEST holiday of them all.....MY BIRTHDAY!

If the tree even lasts that long, shit.

We will be in Charlottesville for Christmas this year! Your elf can poo at me in person! I'll email you...

At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

rosie just checkin' in on you via your blog. you are so cute. my tree top is bald as well. i almost bought a target topper myself today but hell the tree's been up a week without it and no ones complaining so really why? i spent that good earned extra money on some cute leopard print shoes instead.can't wait to see ya!po


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