Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pictures always tell a better story.

Here is the star of the Kentucky Thanksgiving Trip of 2006: James!

Look at that face. Oh my god, do you not just want to eat him up? He is at the most adorable age right now (his mama might not agree). And so smart. And so cute. But he doesn't have any dolls. I disagree with that kind of parenting so for Christmas he is getting a Barbie...ha ha.

Proud Uncle Kev:

This man is going to be a fabulous father someday.

Kev and I at Newport on the Levee in Newport, KY, before seeing Borat. That big city in the background is Cincinnati and that bit of water is the Ohio River. You're welcome for the geography lesson!

After the movie we had beers at Hofbrau House, also in Newport. These are considered their "small" beers. They also serve up sauerkraut, kielbasa, getta (how many of you know what THAT is?), and polka music. Not so much a fan of the German cuisine, although sauerkraut on a tempeh reuben is quite tasty.

Did I mention that you can still smoke indoors in this part of the country? Notice we are sitting OUTSIDE. Yuck. But I guess it IS Kentucky, after all.

This bridge is called the Purple People Bridge and those people on top of it? Are losers. They all paid $30 to walk across the top in those lame ass matching outfits. They are also all chained to the railing, like a chain gang! WEIRD.

One of the hippest parts of Cincinnati is Mt. Adams. When Sarah came up from Louisville on Friday we went up there for dinner and cocktails. We ate at the same place (Teak Thai and Sushi) we did last year with our friends Jeff and Ann, but this time Sarah and I had sushi. After dinner we had wine at an adorable bar with an outdoor fireplace (the Blind Lemon) and then a stiff bourbon at a wine bar filled with smoke and rude men. I almost clocked a man for being a jerk. Hello, I thought I was in the quasi-SOUTH, not Boston! (Ha ha. I found Boston to be full of rude, cold people. Argue that not everyone is like that if you want, but that was my experience.)

Me and my friend Sarah:

(Dude, my head looks Amazonian!)

And....let's end with another baby picture. James! Only grandchild! We better take care of that soon! KIDDING. But it is helpful to see a cute McD child - I know what I'm in for. Yikes! A boy! Kev's family is ALL BOYS. That's what I'm in for.

And there's no real segue into this but, I'm making cranberry sauce this week. There was no cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving dinner and suddenly I have a major hankering. Heh heh.....I said hankering. I bet they'll be on sale! Thanksgiving is not over yet, my friends!

(Oh, but to my fat ass it is! Off to kickboxing!)


At 7:31 PM, Blogger hotdrwife said...

Aw, schmoopie! That is one cute little guy (and Kev's not so bad, either - ha).

Happy Kickboxing! Stay warm!!


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