Monday, November 20, 2006

A dive bar with hot drunk chicks.

I normally like to give props where props are due, yet here I am to say Sonoda's! On Saturday night, your service sucked! Your bathroom was also kind of grody. And I about died of thirst waiting for my water. And the Purple Haze you served was entirely too hot.

We did like the spicy tempura special. And your prices, they are good too.

After dinner we headed over to Herb's Hideout to see one of Kevin's - now ex- coworker's (Kevin got a new big-boy job, people!) wife play keyboards with her band, Bruckner Funken Jazz. It was super fun! One of our old favorite Mead St. waiters is a bartender there and poured Cazadores (tequila) down our throats all night. We danced. We danced like crazy. They played my favorite song: Doin' Da Butt. heh.

Kev also informed me that Herb's was rated one of Denver's best places to party with hot women in Maxim (or some junky men's mag) and I was like, no way! That place is a dive! But then we got there and lo, there were beautiful ladies all over the joint! The website even touts it as a dive bar that pretty women will actually go to. Hmmmm. Interesting marketing tactic, although there is no dive bar that *I* wouldn't go to (um, OK, maybe not the scary place down the street with no windows.). I guess they mean hot drunk sorority chicks? Because yes, at Herb's there were many of those types.

The band, busting the funky soul grooves:

I realized how long it had been since I went out dancing! Dancing to funk is THE BEST.

This picture exemplifies how I was feeling about then:

Melty light heads!

And this guy is a random - no clue who he is or how he got in the picture. He looks like he is trying to squeeze one out:

Totally a fun night. And you people who didn't join us? You missed out. Nanny nanny BOO BOO.


At 12:26 PM, Blogger Hubs said...

i agree sonodas is mediocre. it was in maxim, it said that herbs gets all the hot girls because there is that club right across the street.

At 1:00 PM, Blogger African Kelli said...

Super cute hair! Are you loving your bangs? They suit you.


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