Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lucy goes to camp.

Today was my little girl's first day of school.

Lucy is currently woofing it up at The Daily Wag. I've been glued to the doggie web cam all day, trying to discern if a) that fuzzy distorted picture of a little black and tan dingo is in fact mama's baby and b) she's having fun. This is her first time in such a place. Eeeeeeeeek! The anxiety!

From what I can tell, she's doing a lot of standing around by herself. No surprise there, as she tends to do the same thing at the dog park. I hope she's made at least one friend to wrestle with. Maybe there is a nice Australian Shepard or a Husky....those are her favorites. Maybe a puppy or a beagle - she loves them too. She even likes small yippy purse dogs! The kinds of dogs she doesn't like? Big obnoxious ones. (I mean, who can blame her?)

Most of the time I feel like Lu is not just a dog, she's family. She's my baby girl! Today has been one of those days where I've got to wonder if I'm going overboard with projection of human emotion on the dog. I mean, does Lucy really experience shyness, insecurity, and a disdain for bad decor? (Because seriously, the place could use some help in that arena).

She's staying in this joint over Thanksgiving. I feel immeasurably guilty but at the same time, the sweet relief of not having to ask a friend for yet another dog sitting favor is awesome. I just hope she doesn't miss us too badly. Someone said that dogs have no concept of time or distance. I don't know if this is true. I certainly don't experience this kind of sadness about leaving Biggie Purrs. Man, the thought of her sleeping in a kennel by herself in a strange place at night just TUGS on the heart strings....

How do you mothers do it? Jesus. And for the record, I have totally changed my mind about the use of nanny cams.


At 8:27 AM, Anonymous allie said...

oh my goodness, the daily doggie cam is awesome. i've been talking about getting one at my house ever since we got Naya. It's so cool to watch them and they don't even know! Which site is she at? I'm going to be glued all day looking for Miss Lucy.


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