Thursday, November 09, 2006

You know you wished you lived over here.

And our 'hood just continues to rock. This week we are seeing the opening of 2 more businesses: The North Star Brewery, which is right up the hill from our place, and Vitamin Cottage, which is opening up on 15th across the street from REI.

Both are proprietors of 2 of my very favorite things: GOOD BEER and NATURAL FOODS.

(Rose, you are a woman of contradictions. Yes, honey. Yes I am.)

Holy crap, I'm a dedicated Highlander. Still waiting on the goddamn pedestrian bridge though...


At 3:28 PM, Anonymous Kath said...

Do you think there could be a bar stool with our names on it sometime in the near future?

It's been too long!

At 3:45 PM, Blogger Rosie said...

YES! We are going to be in Fort Collins this weekend, but maybe next week sometime we can meet for dinner and cocktails?

(And I fucking hate that blogger won't let me email directly from comments. Or, will it? Any advice -anyone?)


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