Sunday, November 05, 2006

Because I have to.

Today has been a typical cozy Rose and Kev Sunday.....slept in, did laundry, made BLTs, laid in a chaise in the back yard and read the paper (it was gorgeous out this afternoon), endured some football, just got back from our weekly Sunday pizza at Proto's. Now we're snuggled on the couch watching the last episode of Sopranos (on demand)- we'll finally be caught up on them and ready for next season.

(Sunday blogging is hard, y'all! This all sounds so lame.)

We went to a party last night. Guess what I brought? TEQUILA. I've come to the conclusion that people either love it or are scared of it. I think last night they were mostly scared ;) But still, half the bottle was gone by the time we left. Tequila is also not a downer....I think there is some scientific proof to was 3 am and I was still rearin' to go!

(This Sopranos episode is the one where Vido is outed as an "ass muncher"....ha ha. A few days ago Kevin was walking downtown to class and some guy drove up beside him and asked him if he was a "worker" and Kevin said "No, you don't know me" and the guy said "I don't fucking care, you're a worker right? Get in!" The guy thought Kevin was a male prostitute! Incidentally the guy was also Ted Haggard.....blahahhaa. Bad joke. But Kev really did get propositioned.....too funny. He gets hit on all the time by men.....he's so super cute and friendly ;)

Alas, the rest of the weekend was chock full of eating out (don't go to Brix downtown....terrible) and some minor anxiety about the holidays and the "future." I am determined not to let the travel associated with the holidays and the accompanying $$ get me into a tizzy (we're going back east for Thanksgiving AND Christmas). I am also now totally amped about the idea of moving to Wilmington, NC. I need the ocean back in my life in a big fat way. And greenery. That too.


At 11:21 AM, Anonymous hubs said...

is Brix dt the same as Brix cc?

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Rosie said...

yes, but i've never been to the one in cherry creek. the food was awful - but i will say the service was very good. it's probably a good place for drinks only.


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