Friday, November 03, 2006

Let's go to a happy place, shall we?

Guess where that happy place is? Ha ha. I have had a SERIOUS case of vacation blues this week. The little Mexi-flu I picked up hasn't helped either. (Though I did lose ~5 lbs and counting...) Kevin thinks it's just a hangover of epic proportions. And it very well could be, I suppose. I met him out for dinner last night and only drank half a Corona before wanting to die. So unlike me.

Today, though, I feel better. Almost normal, even. To celebrate, let's re-up on the TEQUILA! Ha ha! Let's see some more of my pictures. How about that?

Here we all are. At a bar I believe called The Jungle. Are you wondering how I know these beautiful ladies? College in Virginia. We all lived together at one time or another. Um, yes, I know I look totally trashed. I have an image to uphold, you know.

This is one of my clue who the gang sign flashers are...I love the kind of photos you have no clue taking! This picture will make me laugh forever.

We went to a club called Bulldog's next to our hotel and this band played. Apparently they are muy famoso. It was actually pretty fun, and I'm not a clubby kind of girl, although I do loooooooove to dance. I stayed up all night. Without the use of any chemical substances, I might add.

Finally, a picture suitable for grandma! Here we're at a place called Pericos in la cuidad Cancun and as soon as you walk in they make you put on this garb. Touristy as all get out. Emion's co-worker promised we would get TWISTED there.

We did.

This chick walks around with a pot and for $2 she puts it on your head, knocks you around a little, then shoves a shot of tequila in your mouth. So fucking weird.

We did about 5 of them. I might also point out that we ate next to nothing the whole time we were in Cancun. At least, I didn't. At Pericos I ordered a $25 plate and ate all of 3 bites. Meals were just not that imperative. =)

Em and Sara at Bulldog's. Twwwwwiisssssted.

A la 5 am....twisted-er.

(The end. The rest you can see on Flickr here.)

Well guys, I guess it's time to say goodbye to Cancun now and get back to reality. Whatever else happened will STAY THERE. In Cancun, that is. What happens in Cancun, stays in Cancun. Right? And trust me, the stories I'd love to tell.

P.S. Fret not, I will be blogging all weekend long due to my, ahem, commitment. You don't have to wait until Monday anymore! Blogging at home.....what's that? Ha ha.


At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's one mighty fine blog entry, Rose. One week ago tonight, we were selecting one of 200 tequilas in La Distileria.


At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Jonathan said...

Excellent photos - the one with the guys and you striking the pose is so great - reminded me of a photo that turned up of me at a wedding years ago. My then-boss got married and had a theme wedding - a medieval banquet. I arrived as a knight of the crusades... this photo turned up of me holding a rather fetching damzel in my arms, running off with her... no idea at all who she was :)


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