Friday, November 17, 2006

The first line of this post is really the title.

A bunch of random shit:


Real quick, while we're on the subject on random, I'm sure those of you who are doing NaBloPoMo know about the pink elephant randomizer. Check your stats, chances are you'll have umpteen referrals from there.

Anyway, I clicked on the "view next blog" button for awhile this afternoon and it struck me how few blogs I actually stayed on and read. It wasn't for lack of quality content more than it was hideous titles (titles with "Ramblings of" or "Thoughts of" or "Musings From" generally didn't make the cut), bad fonts, obnoxious graphics, and overall lack of good blog feng shui.

That said, I fucking hate my blog. Appearances DO matter, people. Who wants to make me a kickass masthead? This place needs some serious help. I'm almost embarrassed to have you guys over.

I'm being SU-PER-FISH-SHUL....


Yesterday I finally made a much-needed, long-put-off trip to the doctor to deal with my asthma. I am now the proud user of several inhalable steroids and a spacer. The spacer looks remotely medical and scary - I think its appearance on the bathroom counter freaked Kev out a little this morning.

Breathability and the joyousness of aside, I think I need a new doctor. I am slightly ashamed to admit this as it feels all yucky and sinful, doctor is really cute. He is my age and he is attractive and it just feels weird. Not "There's chemistry in the examining room, I feel it!" weird, because.....ew. But "He kind of reminds me of Kevin" weird. (Although my doctor wears man-Danskos, and as hard as I tried Kev probably would never ever sport a pair. He should though, because I find Man-Danskos to be very HOT.)

It just doesn't feel right having a boy my age get all up in there. Not that kind of up in there, you perv. Gross.


So, this photo essay by Simon of A Girl & A Boy is the best thing I've seen on the internet all week. Sooooo funny. And in a home-grown, organic way too....the best kind.


Lucy survived dog camp and didn't appear overly traumatized when I picked her up. (Although I sure was traumatized from getting super lost in the middle of rush hour traffic trying to get to the place.)

The girl who was working when I picked her employed a style of baby-talk only a dog with a mama like me could love. I'm sure with that kind of high-squealed pitch calling her name and handing her biscuits all day long, Lucy felt right at home.

I am relieved.


I don't have plans for tonight. I just instructed Kev to call some of our old friends to see if they want to get together. There are 2 couples we used to hang out with all the time, and we haven't seen either in months. It makes me feel sad, kind of, like we did something wrong. I know that's how it goes sometimes....people get busy and time passes and the more time passes the more you forget these people exist. Then it's just plain weird and awkward to call. Maybe you have friends like this too?

(I guess it just became obvious why I asked Kevin to call them.....ha ha.)

On the bright side, next week while we're in Cincinnati we get to see some of our favorite people! Yay!


And now, a question for you. What are you doing this weekend?


At 6:37 PM, Blogger jess said...

Would man-danskos be called "manskos"?
I am finishing up the first draft of my thesis all weekend so I have a chance to actually relax for a few days over thanksgiving break.
Have a hoot in Cinn-cinn.

At 7:06 PM, Blogger hotdrwife said...

Hosting a friend for dinner tomorrow night, and packing for our trip to Oregon. And watching the Bronco's game, butofcourse.

At 12:16 AM, Anonymous Kath said...

Friday night - absafuckinlutely NUTHIN! Vegging on the couch and after that, reading in bed with my electric blanket cranked. Sat, haircut (more layers, baby), Costco and dinner out...I wanna try somewhere new, any suggestions? Sun- 2 separate campaign thank you parties, football on the telly, laundry and cleaning out the garage, watching a backload of DVD;s.

So happy to hear that Lucy's doggie day care went well.


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