Wednesday, November 22, 2006

No Kentucky jokes, please.

This marks my 400th post. What marks your 400th post, you ask? The lameness of announcing that this is your 400th post? Snnnnnnoooooore.

C'mon friends, where's the fanfare?! Fanfare! Fanfare! Fanfare!


Absosmurfly NOTHING is happening here today. Moreoever, I was forced to have my weekly meeting with my boss and inform him of such. Nobody's blogging, everyone's traveling, and even though I haven't even eaten anything rich and buttery yet (oh, except that delicious morsel of pumpkin/cream cheese thing back in the kitchen), my stomach is already revolting. Blech.

You know what's annoying? And because no one is here today I'm feeling a little footloose and fancy-free with the work grievances, but my secretary. She annoys the everloving hell out of me. The most recent annoyance (of many, rest assured) was yesterday when I needed a little afternoon "boost" and grabbed a peanut and caramel bar out of my co-worker's candy basket. My secretary spotted me with the candy and announced all loudly, "YOU'RE EATING CANDY?!!?? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU OF ALL PEOPLE ARE EATING CANDY! WHY ARE YOU EATING CANDY?! YOU MUST BE HAVING A REALLY ROUGH DAY!"

So I did what any good boss would do and threw it at her. Heh. I know I'm the picture of health with my organic salads and lunchtime workouts (ha ha), but for fuck's sake....nobody ever said I was trying to refrain from raiding the co-worker's candy basket. She was trying to shame me. I cannot be shamed! If I want to eat a goddamn miniature Payday bar, I'm going to eat a goddamn miniature Payday bar. I'm certainly not beating myself up over it.

Sorry- I fully didn't intent to go there, but the boredom. The boredom is evident.

Oooohhh, lunchtime! Time for an organic salad!

We get to leave at 2 today. Woop! I am seriously trying to get myself psyched up for Lucy's last mama/daughter run before being sent to good-girl puppy camp. I think I might have an emotional breakdown after dropping her off. Those sad puppy eyes just looking so scared at Mama......Wah! Wahhhhwah!! I am already feeling all twisted and anxious just thinking about it. She'll have to sleep all lonely in her kennel while I'm at home snuggled up with Biggie Purrs. The thought! Anyway: It's 70 degrees and sunny here today. I have no excuse not to run.

(Tearjerker: my friend and co-worker who battled breast cancer this year just came in and gave me a hug and told me she was thankful for me. Chokechoke. I am thankful for her too. I am thankful she is alive.)

Well, hope y'all get to where you need to go in a timely, safe manner. The next time I post I shall be in the great Southern state of Kentucky, home of George Clooney, Cameron Crowe, thoroughbred horses, and the Mint Julep. Yee-haw!


At 1:58 PM, Blogger Howard said...

Suddenly I hate your secretary, too. I have two -- TWO -- bags of Snickers bars in my drawer and I will publicly and loudly share them with you and not HER.

BTW, thanks very much for coming to the show Monday night. It meant a lot for you and Kevin to visit little, ole us.


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