Monday, November 27, 2006

FOUR MORE DAYS! I'm tired.

Well, the fam has been safely reunited and we're all cuddled together on the couch. In jammies. It's 5. I think I'm even ready for bed soon. At Kev's dad's we slept on the most uncomfortable futon and that + a 5 am wake-up call = super tired me today. Traveling is hard work, man. I am stoked for the juiciness of my own bed.

No, people! I don't have any crazy stalkers...I don't think. I think I just had a wee case of the NOIDS last night. And no pot was involved either! Imagine that!

(OK, see. That right there, I write about pot. And I wonder why I get wigged out that someone is going to read this that shouldn't?! Jeeeebs.)

I have just been getting some weird and personal Google hits, many of them including my full name. From people I don't think I know, either (or I don't recognize the location and whathaveyou). It makes me all twitchy and sketch and immediately I want to run through the entire blog and erase all mention of my name, my pictures, the f-bomb. ETCETERA. Maybe it's just my lack of control over who's reading. Or, more likely, it's just that every good blogger needs to get slapped in the face every once in awhile with the fact that HELLO? YOU ARE WRITING ON THE INTERNET! and now is my time.

I guess there are some options for me to ponder regarding this in the near future. Fake names, take URL off Google, change URL completely. Maybe I just need to stop checking my stats like a freaking fiend. In the meantime, let me tell thing I AM going to do is eventually make good on that hiatus. It might be just a few days, a few weeks....but I am kind of over the posting everday bit. The pressure! But for now, I make good on my promises. Only 4 more days.


At 12:42 PM, Blogger African Kelli said...

Yeah. It freaks me out every single time I see someone I know but don't realize they are reading my blog and they some how know all these intricacies of my life. Often they are embarrassed to tell me they are reading it, and when I figure it out, it totally freaks me.
But then again, it keeps me accountable for everything I write about. My blog is out there. So be it.
BTW -- thank you for your anti-Walmart rant today!


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