Thursday, November 30, 2006

You down with CSP? Well, you don't know me.

[BIGSIGHOFRELIEF.] Alright. Things are a little more under control now. Thank god for INTERNET SHOPPING.

I'm talking about Christmas, y'all. I hate how you barely have time to poo out your Thanksgiving meal before the freakishly long Christmas To-Do List begs to get made. What, don't y'all have one too?

Well, whatever. MY list is staring me down and wigging me out. However, there's progress being made! I just knocked a few gifties out of the way thanks to the internet (and having my own office), including one I am so excited for but can't tell you about because someone will then find out what he's getting. It's not that the gift itself is terribly exciting (in fact, you may think it's rather boring), it's just that I saw one like it at REI and then found it for over $100 less online! Goddamn I'm good.

Actually, I am really terrible at Christmas shopping. I pretty much despise ALL shopping: grocery, clothing, gifts, car. Holy stress crackers when I actually buy a house. I am not a good decision-maker. I am one of those shoppers who will pick something up, wander around the store, decide against it, then put it down in a random spot. And then I'll do it all over again with another item.

So yeah, that scented candle in the pet food aisle? All me.

This year, though: NO BIG BOX CHAIN STORE GIFT SHOPPING. Ooooh, snap. This is going to be hard. I absolutely love Cost Plus World Market. I know everyone sings Target's praises (and like you, I can't get out of there without dropping a $50, either), but Cost Plus! Cost Plus is seriously where it's at. And they even sell WINE. I adore that place.

Anyway. Support local businesses and all that good stuff. That's just an added bonus! The real reason I'm banning big stores is for my own sanity. The big stores, the mall, oh panic button threatens to be pushed just thinking about it! I figure the smaller boutiques have fewer choices and thus will relieve me of the Christmas Shopping Panic (CSP). Also: cuter stuff. More original. Won't already have one. You get the picture.

So that's the plan, Stan. The CSP is not going to get me this year! I'll be sure to let you know where I find the good stuff. And then you too can be down with NO CSP!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am off to the Bel-Mar Whole Foods for one last panic attack =)


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