Monday, December 11, 2006


Nothing too exciting to report today about the weekend, I'm afraid. We were the lamest of lame and clearly that lame has carried over into my Monday because


Well, almost. Maybe I can muster a run-on paragraph devoid of any wit or humor. Maybe a bulleted list? Maybe a meme? Maybe a Christmas quiz? Maybe y'all can just go ahead and ask me some questions before I freak out on my own lack of charisma today.

Alright, a little run-down it is, but don't say I didn't tell you so:

On Friday night I basked in the glow of the tree and drank wine and wrote my Christmas cards. Hush now. I will always, always send handwritten Christmas cards. I will kill trees and I will burn fossil fuels and come hell or high water I will get my cards out. (And I know this is out of chronological order, but in a moment of temporary shopping apeshit craziness yesterday, I bought Where The Wild Things Are cards. MONSTERS for Christmas?! What the hell was I thinking? They're going back.)

On Saturday morning we had a YUMMY breakfast at Duo before morphing into the kind of people we hate- Americans! Ha ha. We went to THE MALL. Ick! Poo! Yuck! Remember what I said earlier about that shit?!? Lord. We temporarily went insane and then went to ANOTHER MALL. A strip mall! The best kind! Michael's Crafts! Ross! Old Navy! Whole Foods! Six and a half hours of bullshit! Then we came home and went directly up to North Star Brewery and got drunk. We crazy.

Yesterday was just as riveting. We cleaned. We watched a cheesy movie (Just Friends). We watched the Broncos get spanked. We ate pizza. I ironed. In fact, I even ironed Kevin's clothes too for today is his first day of work! I sent him off all crisp and professional-looking. Do YOU iron YOUR man's attire? And I gave him his graduation prezzy yesterday too...a Swiss Army watch. Dude, I am THE BEST girlfriend EVER.


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