Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Merry Christmas to me!

I just gave my Christmas present to myself. Get ready, it is a super exciting gift, one my self has been hot and heavily coveting for the past 3 years...

A new car windshield!

She loves it!

Speaking of super exciting gifts, I just talked to my mama, who informed me she was "wrapping up" stuff they didn't want around the house to give to all us kids. REGIFTER!* I had to tell her we didn't want a bunch of regifted crap, not because it's regifted, but because it's CRAP. We don't need anymore decorative shit, no more tchotchkes, throw pillows, knick knacks....CRAP. Only incredibly useful and/or entertaining stuff. Or original art - that's acceptable too.

Normally the woman has good taste, I'll give her that. My mom is an artsy person with lots of artsy friends...and you'd think her house was really cool if you saw it. However, I simply cannot forgive the time she unloaded a bunch of used CHRISTMAS stuff on me by including them in my birthday (which is January 4th by the way...mark your calendars!) package. Nope, I haven't gotten over that one. Sorry, Ma! Not allowed to sneak your unwanted stuff on me anymore!

Although, it is a fairly clever strategy for purging yourself of useless gew-gaws. If your gew-gaws are presented as a gift then one feels a stronger obligation to accept it, no? Even though you suspect it might be a regift? Well, not us. Not this year. Even though my mom spent a few minutes trying to sell me on the depression era glass shot glass set she had available, I said that if we were going to take anything off her hands we were going to have to SEE it first and actually CHOOSE what we wanted.**

Otherwise, it's gifts like new car windshields all the way, baby.

*Maybe it's not technically a regift if the item was never a gift in the first place. Maybe it's just a straight up used gift.

**Let me emphasize: this doesn't mean I'm too good for a regift. Hell, I'm all about recycling. I just don't want to be the middle man to the trash can, ya know?


At 9:07 AM, Blogger African Kelli said...

Amen. Do not give me your junk because you don't want it anymore. However, you know that cute sweater you never wear that still has its tags? Yeah. That would be great wrapped up with a giant bow for me! See -- useful recycling/regifting is welcome. Keep the clutter for yourself!!


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