Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cabin fever not yet in full force, but getting there.

Last night we (I) decided to give Lucy and Biggie Purrs their stockings. Here's Lucy surrounded by all her new toys - she particularly loves the pink stuffed poodle and has been carrying it around for the past 24 hours.

Purrs looks less than thrilled with his loot. He tells me he's just too old for toys and would prefer some straight up kitty crack, thank you very much.

Front porch last night around 7 PM.

Back porch yesterday around 3 PM.

Back porch today at 10 am. 24 inches!!

Lucy still got her nightly walk - she loves this shit!

Shoveling snow. His half, anyway. I've yet to get out to do mine. But I will - it's my workout today!

Home sweet snowed in home!

Obviously no one had to go to work today. On a gloomy old day in February, this would have rocked, but now, with it so close to the holidays, I'm just feeling antsy. So much to do! We fly out Saturday and at first I was like - oh, we're golden, but now? I don't know. DIA is still closed. The mail isn't running either and nothing is open for the boyfriend who hasn't done any shopping. Errr! So typical. I guess I can always blast some Xmas tunes, wrap my gifts, pack, clean the house, and continue to entertain you with more boring pictures of snow.


At 12:49 PM, Blogger Howard said...

Hahaha! I absolutely adore the picture of the cat. Priceless. I'm glad you four as safe.


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