Sunday, January 14, 2007

In which we accept rides from perfect strangers.

Well, another Saturday night in D-town chewed me up and spit me out.

Lets's all roll our eyes and sigh the words together: rosalicious is hungover.

But fun was had! I started the evening slugging big old glasses of wine at Hot Doctor Wife's Passion Party. (If you go over there, you will see Hottie herself modeling a product....but don't get too's not a product actually being USED, sickos.)and finished it riding down Broadway in the back of some random dude's truck.

And the Gourds? Awesome. I danced my bodacious bootie off. Some guy on the dance floor even gave our friend Kev a prescription pill bottle of weed. How nice is that? It was super rocking, even though the Mayor didn't show this time. I was disappointed as I was really looking forward to drunkenly commending him for his performance with all the storms. Did y'all know that mayors get fired over snowstorms? I mean, really. It's not his fault my road is still a sucky mess of ice and potholes and ruttedness...for the most part. People need to cut the guy some slack.

But back to the random dude's truck. This is funny. On the way out of the concert we befriended a group of 5 ladies (for our friend Kev, of course!) and all piled into a cab trying to get to the Skylark Lounge. Well, for reasons I can't recall, we hopped out on some random corner and ended up at some bar called the Irish Rover instead. Our time there is hazy....but I do know that once we're done sucking down more liquor, we go outside to try to find another cab to get us all home. Along comes a guy with a truck who says he's starting a driving service, so the girls and I all pile into the back amongst a big schmoosh of blankets and Kevin (my Kev) gets in the front and gets the guy's phone number and even calls it, for security. He's so good like that! Apparently we get safely dropped off at Kev's in Wash Park and this morning we are still there, with me asking: why the hell were we cruising down Broadway late night in the back of a strange truck?

So yes, after our big night out, it has been a day of headache and woe-is-me. But at least I'm still laughing! I woke from my 2 hour nap to Kevin rooting around in my bag for "the Bullets",the purchase I made last night. What do you want those for, they're not in yet! I said. And Kev goes, and I quote: I want to cram one up my butt while I watch football today. I just thought that was one of the most hilariously potty-humored thing I've heard from him in a long long time. (Sorry though, Ma, for that image.)

And now? I do believe there is a big old greasy pizza at our door....toodles!


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Wish I woulda gone :-)


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