Thursday, February 23, 2006

Stocking up on the Patagucci.

It's time for Rose to do the kind of shopping she actually likes.

Patagonia is having their annual winterfest sale. Last year, I totally scored some good deals. This year, I'm hitting up the first day for the best selection....which is, in fact, today. Needs: a new rain jacket, yoga tanks, black fleece, cuter down jacket. (The sale is really the only time I can afford this stuff...although last week I did buy a snuggly fleece shirt from Patagonia. The good news is that if it's on sale this weekend I can get a price adjustment. Sweet!)

All I've been doing is wishing for warm weather when I haven't even taken advantage of any winter pursuits! When we lived up in the mountains every day was a winter pursuit (I had to wear snowshoes just to walk the pooch). I want to snowshoe, cross-country ski, take a hut trip. Maybe rent a condo at a ski resort with friends and finally get my ass on the mountain!

I haven't done any of this yet this winter. Considering we have snow through April, I guess there's still time. Maybe some new Patagucci will do the trick! (Can someone please say YUPSTER?! I can't help it - they make the best stuff and their guarantee is incredible...not to mention their philosophy and commitment to the environment. So THERE.)


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