Monday, February 27, 2006

What a weekend it was!

What a weekend, my friends. What a weekend.

Friday night we went to see The Gourds at the Bluebird Theater. They ROCK. They put on the best show. Definitely check them out if they're ever in your area...they're from Austin, TX and play alt-country/bluegrass/honkytonk. So fun to dance to!

At the show, I met the mayor. Twice. We were down on the floor in front of the stage and I remembered somewhere that The Gourds played at his wedding. So I tapped him on the shoulder (he was right next to me) and asked him--and I quote--"if the little bit of mayoral trivia were true." He seemed excited and impressed that I knew this factoid and told his wife, who was standing right next to him.

Right after the show outside of the venue, he said to me "what a great show huh?" and I grabbed his hand, shook it, and said in my best fundraiser voice "thanks so much for coming!" And he looked at me weird and goes "are you kidding me...of course!" I am SUCH a cheeseball.

After the show we went to the Berkeley Inn, this dive bar where I always seem to make a fool out of myself. Kevin even dubbed it "the bar where I inevitably embarrass myself." It's the truth...I am usually very inebriated whenever I am in there. This time, I broke my martini glass with my pool stick and invited the bartender to partake in some smoke with us (he didn't). Good thing...he was a yucky old wonker and he about caused a meltdown when I saw him stick his grubby hand into the olive jar for my martini olives. Sick! I guess I should know better than to order a martini at a dive bar anyway, right?

Saturday: uneventful. I took myself out to breakfast--alone--and napped on the couch watching back-to-back episodes of What Not to Wear. I then rose from my hangover slumber, cleaned some house, went out for Mexican with Kev, and watched the end of Season 3 of the Sopranos.

Yesterday I went for a relatively decent run (as opposed to Friday's poor excuse for a trot!) then went to a purse-making party! No sewing was involved, you basically just design how you want the purse to look and some gals in Oklahoma do all the stitching. I selected a super-cute vintage cowgirl pattern with brown embossed oil cloth and a 20's era floral patterned lining. Fun, but the new pursey set me back 85 buckaroos! I guess I'm paying for the fact that no one else will have my purse. And it is rather cute!

Of course, no purse party is complete without cocktails. Lots of cocktails. I was, naturally, the last one to leave the party (at almost 10 PM and the shindig started at 1!) and Kevin had to come get me. He is such a caring boyfriend to drive all the way to Lakewood just to fetch his drunk purse-making girlfriend. What a lush. Once home, I HAD to order a pizza. "I want a large mushroom, green pepper, and onion pizza." "We are out of mushrooms." "OK, I want a large mushroom..." "We are OUT of mushrooms." "Ok, ummmm just the peppers and onions then....and I want a salad too." Lord....OINK OINK!

I woke up at 2 am with horrible indigestion and couldn't fall back asleep until 4. That's what I get for scarfing down pizza at 10:30 PM. I also sucked down 3 glasses of water and a diet coke and laid there thinking up excuses as to why I was going to be late for work.

But, I made it, almost on time. Even retrieved my car beforehand. What a way to start a week....feeling chewed up and spit out from the weekend. But what a weekend it was!


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