Friday, March 24, 2006

Sorry, I can't think of a witty title right now.

I am a victim of Netflix crime! I came home last night to find my Netflix DVD in the mailbox, shrouded in a plastic bag with a big ol' sticker from the USPS saying "WE CARE."

They care?! The Netflix envelope was totally ripped apart. I pulled out the movie and was NOT my FINAL SEASON 5 DVD of The Sopranos! It was the WORST thing anyone could have possibly put in its place (well, maybe besides the Freddy Krueger movies) was a fucking YANKEES baseball game. I hate baseball, especially the Yankees. Someone stole my DVD!

I know, it's probably a mix-up, but look what they replaced it with?! Omens, y'all.


Speaking of omens, I recently read The Alchemist in one night. A little overrated, I think. I did like this line though, regarding alcohol:

"It's not what you put in your mouth that's evil, it's what comes out of it that's evil." (or something to that effect)

True that! It's never that I feel bad for the actual drinking, it's that I feel bad for running my mouth while drinking and saying stupid shit.


A word I like: Gewgaws. Ever heard that before? Me neither. It's kind of like knick-knack or tchotchke, 2 things I am very fond of!


Kevin comes back tomorrow! Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. Bah! I have enjoyed my time alone this week, especially having the bed to sprawl out in! Everything has been all nice and clean and orderly and I have been able to watch all the crappy TV I want and not get bitched at for it....actually, come to think of it I haven't watched any TV--except for The OC last night. But that show is soooo not good anymore--way too predictable.

Now, I think we're ready for Kevin to come back. Lucy has missed her daddy...she's not used to being alone all day while I am at work. Everytime she would hear a car door shut in the street her little ears would perk, bless her heart. I think Biggie Purrs has missed him too.


I got a really yummy car air freshener and it makes me actually excited to get in the car and drive. I need some new music for that same feeling. (No, it's not Vanilla-rama. After being so obsessed with that tree-smell all in high school the scent now makes me want to vomit!)


Mason plays at 5:30 PM today.....PARTY! I am leaving early so I can take Lu for a run and then hit the bar for sports and beer! Kev would be so proud! I hope they win! And you all better pull for them! I am basically out of my pool- I picked Gonzaga to go all the way. But I have Mason now to cheer on--even better!!!


I'll add more shit as the day wears on I'm sure!


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