Saturday, March 18, 2006


Saturday night: I am sitting on the floor in the dining room drinking a delicious Sangiovese. itunes is playing "Joey" by Bob Dylan. I just made homemade soup (Portugese Vegetable) and a broccoli and onion quiche. Lucy is next to me--she got a really good strong run today. Hendrix's new kittysitter came by to meet us--she seems cool (even though she was 2 hours late). It's been a good day!

As opposed to yesterday. I was naughty! We went out Thursday night, not to return home until 4:30 am! My old bones can't take that kind of tired! I rallied, however, and made it in to work--ummm, OK for 2 hours. Then I HAD to come home....I couldn't take it--even my infamous "open-eyed nap" at my desk didn't do the trick. I slept until 3. So college of me! After I got up, we watched some basketball.....all I have to say is GO GEORGE MASON! My alma mater won! Of course, no one in my pool picked them so I was VERRRRYY proud of my team (and of myself)!

I am not so much a sports fan. But I can appreciate some college basketball--especially the tournament. Kevin is so elated that I am into it. The truth? It's the bracket that does it for me...I have all my winning teams all neatly highlighted. It's pretty fun! Last year I came in dead last so hopefully I'll fare better this year--although I got mine in late--OOPS! Jenn says the late-comer always loses. Maybe karmically that is right--but it's not like ME, of all people, cheated. C'mon now.

Anyway, after watching the game(s), we went to dinner at Swing Thai, a new YUMMY thai restaurant in our 'hood. It's about damn time we got some good Asian! I hate all the Chinese joints around us--they're all so nasty and greasy. This place ROCKS! I'm pretty stoked--they deliver too. I can see we will be giving them LOTS of bid'ness! Woohooooooooo!!!!

After thai we started in on Season 5 of The Sopranos. We're almost there, people. Tomorrow night we're going to Shar and Alex's to watch the new stuff. Tonight we have episodes 4-8 of Season 5, so we won't completely be caught up, but oh well. I still can't believe I like this show so much. I bought an extra big bottle of some good italian wine for tomorrow night....and pizza. Pizza! Is that on my acceptable foods list? I am considering making my own.

The food change (I don't want to say diet)is going excellently. I feel great! I was just doing some reading on digestion and how it is the root of all illness/avenue to optimal health. The best thing anyone can do for themselves is to change their eating habits. For real! I know, I said I wouldn't be preachy--but it really is soooooo important to get all the necessary nutrients etc. This whole experience has changed my life forever. Here are the TOP things you need to start ingesting immediately: purified/distilled water (min. half your weight in oz/day), fiber, fish and flax oil, probiotics (yogurt etc), protein (not red meat), organic fruits and veggies, whole grains, green tea, and a good multi-vitamin. Throw in some good lovin' while you're at it :-)

Steely Dan reminds me of when I fell in love with Kevin. We were listening to "Hey 19" at his place on Laporte Ave. and he was dancing all cute--it was the middle of the afternoon and during that CD we proceeded to have sex on his living room floor. That might just be the very day that I knew he was THE ONE. In case you're wondering--that song was just on. (Incidentally, Steely Dan also reminds me of doing coke. Hmmm.)

We MUST get tickets for Telluride! It's going to be awesome this year. It's a big chunk of change all at once but sooooo worth it.

Well, Kevin just got home so I must say ADIOS for now. He brought me a sweet pair of windstopper gloves someone dropped on the trail. Thanks babe!


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