Friday, March 03, 2006

Update on Biggie Purrs

Biggie Purrs and kitty mama are doing well, despite circumstances. Today's vet visit was somewhat of a relief....Mr. Purrs should be just fine once we get his blood glucose levels stable.

He got his first insulin shot today (MEOUCH!)and when we got home I could tell he was already perkier. We will only have to shoot him up (WHY do I enjoy saying that so much?) once a day, not twice. I was fearing a big lifestyle change but it really shouldn't be so bad. Thankfully, the needle did not incite a panic attack. I do believe I will be able to handle it.

WHEW. And life goes on.

Last night we had an enjoyable meal at Bistro Vendome. The prix fixe menu included a glass of vin maison, but we got THREE glasses of the delicious french juice, ALL on la maison. Points, right there. Kev has always been skeptical of french food, so I'm glad he enjoyed his meal. I had quite a wine buzz once we left and took my newfound kitty mama duties seriously by GOING HOME. Trust me, the urge to continue partying was exceptionally strong since we were already downtown, but I didn't beg or whine or suggest "just one more." Hell, I didn't even have an after-dinner smoke in the spirit of our yummy french dinnner. Go me!

I am getting ready to hit the gym. The shorts I ordered from Patagonia are a smidge too tight so I hereby declare them my GOAL SHORTS. Whatever happened to happy hour on Friday afternoons? The other week about 4 of us from the office were in the gym on a Friday evening. What's up with that? Volk Gymnasium is the new FAC?

Fret not, drinks with Jen follow. I FINALLY get the low-down on my eating plan, as I know many of you (Jess) have been anticipating. Between me and Biggie Purrs, life at our house is going to be resigned to eating schedules, charts, graphs, scales and monitors. Sheesh.

P.S. Thanks for all the well-wishes....Hendrix sends you all a big tuna-flavored's nice to know that you all care!


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