Thursday, March 09, 2006

Welcome back toxins.

Ha! Ha! Someone came to my blog last night because they googled "spanking machine." Hilarious. It is interesting to see how people find you--I've gotten a lot of hits from people who google "patagucci" and a few from googling "the perfect petal." I ended up deleting that particular post because when you google "the perfect petal" my blog comes up on the first page--and I didn't exactly say the most flattering things about the shop. Damage control, you know. I never want to hurt anyone's feelings.

So, I am drinking coffee, y'all! I made it! I feel great. I don't even want to eat. I tried on my favorite jeans and they're loose! Weeheehhhee! Of course, this was a cleanse, not a weight loss gig, but the feeling of loose jeans is so YUMMY! I'm sure you agree with me on this one.

Today will actually involve some chewing. I have an apple for breakfast, with almased, of course. Then a small salad and miso soup for lunch. For dinner--some steamed broccoli and carrots (I actually only picked those 2 so I could boast about now being able to spell them right!), some more almased. I have to ease my system back into food. Tomorrow will be more of the same. Saturday I start on the rest of my life.

I am also treating myself to a massage tonight. That will be heavenly. The manicure from yesterday is already peeling--I only got clear, but I can stop picking it off. What a waste, n'est pas?

I already feel a gurgle in my tummy. Uh-oh. Welcome back toxins!


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