Monday, March 20, 2006


I'm feeling kind of glum this morning. It's all cold and snowy on this first day of spring! I am just yearning for some warm weather. Not to mention the paranoia that is leaving the house unattended when it's this cold....(PIPES!)

Kev is headed off to Utah for the week. Another reason for glum-central. I know they aren't going to have great weather like we did last year, but I'm still bummed not to be going. I love the canyons in the spring! Instead, I am HERE. Wondering how and when I can spiff up my career and get this monkey off my back. Maybe more on that another day...

Lord--the more I write the more glum I get! OUCH!

In better news, yesterday was spent mired in BBALL! George Mason beat Carolina!!! Wooohhoooo! I am screwed in the pool department, and feel like the most unloyal fan ever for picking Carolina over GMU...but hell--who knew?! I even got a little misty-eyed when they won! I love an underdog, especially when they're MY underdogs.

Em came by for few hours and we whittled away the afternoon over beers at Patrick Carrolls. After that, we watched both new episodes of The Sopranos at Shar and Alex's. Last night's episode was weird....Carmela looked like ass and AJ? Is he like a total hipster now, or what? I bet he joins the family business shortly. Meadow looks great....everyone else just looks old. It was interesting to see Tony in the role of that Finnerty guy--I bet that's how James Gandolfini is in real life, more like that character.

We ate pizza from Carl's and chocolate-covered strawberries for dinner. That did me wrong in the worst way--I woke up at 1 am feeling both parched and stuffed. I am still off! I am munching on my millet, quinoa, and amaranth breakfast cereal right will be dealt with in moderation. One thing Jenn emphasizes is to not punish or judge yourself for setbacks, just calmly and quietly get back on that horse. Oh....and no one can EVER expect perfection. Plus, I heart some serious pizza--I will never, ever give up pizza! YUM!

Well, the glum is lifting ever-so slightly. Our Monday morning meeting has been cancelled. Let's hope Director's lunch is too-- I could really use an ass-kicking in the form of a step class. I have a therapy appointment today too.....I need to prepare my "agenda." I only get 45 minutes and need to get certain things covered.

Anyways.....catch ya later.


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