Monday, April 10, 2006

Holy crap! Is it Monday already?

Jeeezz....the weekend went by wayyyyy too fast!

Saturday afternoon I went up to Copper for Sunsation. Toots and the Maytals was really, really crowded. But it was an absolutely gorgeous day! Check out the blue sky against the white slopes! I LOVE COLORADO!

It was very much a family affair. Family number one, the Crawfords: Emily, Chris, and Danny (I feel like I am introducing them for Family Feud!):

Family number two, the Broughtons: Ben, Sara, Christian, and Tucker (not pictured....probably hanging on the fence behind):

Um, and then me - I fit in somewhere, in this case right in the middle:

Dude, we look young. Can you believe we're all 30 (Sara- almost)? I speak for all of us when I say that rocks...I pretty much forced my ID on the ID checker. "Look at me, look at me....I'm 30!" Heee...obnoxious.

I also shot a movie at a bar after the Toots and the Maytals show....someone will have to show me how to post my movies on this blog! I am loving the video feature on my camera! FUNNNNN.

Did you all know that Toots is a polygamist? No? Me either. I think his name is also pronounced "tuts" instead of "tooooots." Who knew...

I know this may come as a shocker but yesterday was hangover free! I spent 2 hours digging up every dandelion plant in the yard. I know I pooh-poohed the weeding...but I just couldn't help myself, and it was too sunny and lovely to be anywhere but outdoors. So I made myself useful. Consequently, my back is burnt to a crisp and my bum is sore from squatting. But damn...not a little yellow flower in sight!

(For the record, I am still sad about the garden situation).

After dandelion pickin' Lu-bird and I took a walk, I washed my car, and then I baked up some tastylicious eggplant parm. I told Kevin that I'm trying to be more like Carmela Sporano...

Speaking of which, we missed The Sopranos last night. What happened?


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