Friday, April 07, 2006

Roots and Toots.

I like what it's doing outside right now. True, it's exceptionally dreary but sometimes you just need some dreary to offset the constant Colorado sunshine. The yin to the yang, you know.

And as every Coloradoan worth her weight in Fat Tire knows...WE TOTALLY NEED THE MOISTURE.

Because I knew it was going to rain today, I tossed grass seed on the dirt parts in our yard last night. I did this half-heartedly, knowing it didn't really matter whether grass grew or not.....we're moving. I also bent down and pulled a few weeds, but stopped because weeds, schmeeds....who gives a fuck when they're not my weeds to begin with?

I am so ready to have my OWN yard to dilly dally in. I love yard work--all of it...mowing, weeding, planting, watering, mulching. We put so much effort into our current house last summer because we knew we would be renewing our lease and could therefore enjoy the fruits (or, rather, veggies) of our labor. Now I can't even start a garden because when it's time to move everything will just be coming in.

We don't really know what kind of living situation we're going to get into this summer, we just know that there is no way in hell we can live another winter in our house. The pipe situation, mainly. They didn't even bother to insulate them, just repatched the ceiling! It's going to happen again to the next tenants. Also, we really don't need 2,000 sf. Talk about atrocious heating bills!

I am very sad because now I have no reason to get psyched for gardening season to start. Our landlord is such a priss I don't even care about tending the yard. (I say that, but we all know I would never let it go...I am too clean for that). So, mowing: yes. Garden: no. Weeding: perhaps.

I totally found the cutest house in our neighborhood on Craigslist at an affordable price with good curb appeal, a good yard, and a HOT TUB. It makes me want to run straight out and get a home loan next week, but even by the time I did that the house would probably be gone (we live in the most up-and-coming 'hood in Denver). I just called Kevin and told him we needed to have a meeting about the near housing future. That's what we do as a couple--have meetings. How corporate of us!

The other option is to get out of our lease early and rent something starting in June so at least I can garden there. Clearly, a garden is of utmost importance ;-)

I am just sooooo ready to lay down roots....literally and figuratively.


On tap for the weekend: Tonight, work out and lay low. Tomorrow, Toots and the Maytals up at Copper Mountain!

Have a great weekend!


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