Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bad days, they pass.


Feeling a smidge better today, thank you very much.

Wait, I guess I didn't bitch and moan to y'all yesterday, did I? Yesterday sucked. Well, at the very best I guess I could say it was LACKLUSTER. If you will, allow me to purge all the wrongness about it, starting from 7 am til my little head hit the pillow: Tired, tired, cramps, very bad cramps. Didn't want to get up. Couldn't find anything to wear, outfit was heinous, hair.....bad. Work = boring, no motivation, secretary being HM. Lunch workout class.....awful. I couldn't get any of the moves right and almost cried out of frustration. Misc injuries....can't move my left arm a certain way, hip hurts, knee is sore. More afternoon boringness @ work, blogs aren't even interesting. House we liked got rented. I broke down and ate something out of the vending machine and also drank a diet coke. Dahlia plant died, recycling bin smelled foul, like someone puked in it. No food in the house, too lazy to shop for groceries, no pay until Friday. Scrounged change for cheap Chardonnay, drank some, acquired a terrible headache and went to bed, the end.

Shit, I fucking hate days like that.

Today, I feel better. MUCH MUCH MUCH better ;) I probably should use all this feeling goodness and put the pedal to the metal here at work, but nah. I am already in holiday mode!

So....2 more days of smoking in bars. Why isn't anyone organizing a big smoke-off or something? ha! Also: 2 more days until Kevin quits for good. He doesn't have the specialness that I do and can't just have one all willy-nilly here and there. It's all or nothing with him. He has his "secret" stash of P-Funks in our herb and spice cabinet (where, appropriately enough, we store herbs of ALL kinds ;) that, come school time, ain't so secret anymore. Boy better start puffing before I hide them for myself!

**Short diatribe begins**

We can ban smoking in public places, which is great and all, but why can't we fix other, in my opinion BIGGER, health issues? Like health insurance. And all the shit in our food. And CO2 in the air from burning fossil fuels. Why is it such a battle? I guess 10 years ago banning smoking in public places would have been viewed as a huge battle too, but to me some solutions seem so simple - I mean, what the fuck is wrong with using a windmill to generate power? How could anyone argue that pollution is a GOOD thing? It breaks my heart.

(And I haven't even seen Al Gore's movie, but I did read the cover story in the Westword last night...)


Onward. What's going on this weekend? Well, I am finally, FINALLY getting my ass to the beauty parlor (heh- beauty parlor!) for some much-needed scissoring and coloring. I want really long hair again. Lucy will be getting her shots and a pedicure on her insanely long wolf claws. I am simply counting the seconds until this *growth* falls off my foot so I can prance into the nail salon with pride and get a pedi myself!

I've also got a few domestic projects in the works, I will be commencing The Great House Hunt, I'm going to see Pearl Jam/Tom Petty on Sunday night, and Kevin's brother Brian comes in on Monday. I think we're spending the fourth at a Rockies Game. How American of us!

Next week two of my FAVORITE bands are playing....Railroad Earth on Thursday and The Gourds on Saturday! Weeeeeee!


At 11:21 AM, Blogger Lola said...

yes. everything passes...

At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen sister. You should go see Al Gore's movie when you get a chance. Yoni and I may have to join you for RE on Thurs. if we are in town:)


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