Friday, June 23, 2006

It's Friday afternoon and there's nothing left to do but peruse CL.

So,this house is where we used to live when we lived up in Gilpin County. I noticed that the 2 top and bottom right pictures are not even of the house, so I did what any kind CL reader would do and emailed the rental agency to let them know they made a mistake in posting the pictures.

Her response: "Sorry, Rosie, you are incorrect. This house has been remodeled."

As if. Check them out, do they even APPEAR to be of the same house? You can see the corner of the kitchen counter in the corner of the bottom left picture....clearly, NOT the "remodeled" kitchen.

I don't know why this totally annoys me. Maybe because I know so surely that I am right? Maybe because when we lived there we got the total screwjob in rent....paying $1,100 a month for what is now only $800?

(By the way: We need a place to live!)


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