Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Doing everything, going everywhere.

No, bitches, I am NOT hungover ;) I do feel bad ruining a post full of someone else's good news with crap of my own, though. It's just...well, have you ever felt like you're the one who does EVERYTHING? The cooking, the cleaning, the shopping, the gardening, the planning....while someone else, again: nameless, plops on the couch and watches sports, then has the nerve to criticize you after all the shit you've done?

If you haven't, then check your fucking pulse! ha ha. I know I don't do EVERYTHING, and I am in fact doing what my therapist calls "overgeneralizing" (or what I call "being dramatic") but sometimes....DAMN, it just feels that way and after awhile it gets extremely tiresome. But I also know that on nameless guy's part, it must be equally as difficult being with someone who is as Type A and controlling as I am.

I guess that's why when it comes down to it, we balance each other out.

In other news, to counteract the humdrum of my daily grind, I am starting 2 new classes. The first one is a weight training class called "Muscle Plus." My first one was yesterday. I am SO sore today- especially in my bum! It's going to be really good for me though....I am pretty good with all the cardio and running I do but I'm basically a weakling everywhere else. I could definitely use the tone.

I am also taking a knitting class with a girl from work. I've always wanted to learn how to knit and it's also a good opportunity to make a new friend...outside of this place, that is. Knitting with yarn sounds kind of hot right now to me though...and not in a sexy, oohlala way. Although, knitters are hott, right? Aren't they all hipsters who ride Vespas and shop at Whole Foods?

Speaking of Whole Foods, ummmmmmm I am hungry! All we had in the house for a quick breakfast was a Power Bar, and now I am chugging water because that's what those things require. A salad is in order for me, I think, so......I'm out. Have a great afternoon!


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