Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My own go fug yourself.

There is some very bad fashion going on in the office right now and before I buckle down and try to make sense of some tax-receipting gobbledygook that I've been putting off for the past week, I need someone to gossip about it with....


First, there is this girl here who is the quintessential fashion follower....you know, when everyone was wearing the big pin-on flowers, she wore a big pin-on flower. When everyone did the ballet flats, she did the ballet flats. I mean, flowers and flats are fine and all, but this girl just doesn't have a signature style or anything that adds an individual flair to her look....it's like she took her In-Style magazine to Cherry Creek Mall with the pages dog-eared and went store to store searching for the exact same items in the mag. No originality. Ann Taylor has, in fact, puked all over her closet.

Today she is wearing a scarf placed ever so carefully on her head. Behind the bangs! And it looks ridiculous! Naturally it is all matchy-matchy with what she is wearing and maybe even appears to be freshly starched (now, I have no beef with a fresh starching so carry on with that, girlfriend...) I know the headbandy scarf style is currently all over the likes of Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson, but does it belong here in the workplace? I think I would appreciate it more had she worn it like a do-rag! At least that would have been different....heinous, but I could have respected the boldness of such a move.

On to the second fashion fauxpas. Now, I am no high fallutin fashion maven but I do know a bad pantyline when I see one. Or, shall I say, a lack of a bad pantyline. I'm not going to lie- my butt has some fat dimples too. And if you wear tight enough pants, those dimples show through! Especially in white pants! I know the old rule of thong/white pants seems logical in all situations but AHA! It's not always the right choice. People! Check your butt for fat dimples before you leave the house! Ick!

Alrighty....thanks so much for letting me dish, y'all. I think I'll be able to get on with my day now.


At 2:25 PM, Anonymous hubs said...

ummm, did you really have cocktails with deb before?

At 9:43 PM, Blogger Rosie said...

Is "cocktails with deb" like, some kind of euphemism for camel toe?

Um, then no. I usually try my best to avoid that sort of fashion travesty.

At 10:31 AM, Anonymous hubs said...

a correctly placed camel toe can tie a summer outfit together. remember to use talc.

deb (writes the blog smitten), we've "e-known" each other for years, i miss read your links list as "i've had cocktails with them". thus my comment.

also, you have no men on your links list?

At 10:55 AM, Blogger Rosie said...

yessirree, talc is definitely the summertime key to non-chaffage...

deb's blog is a fave. never done a cocktail with anyone on that list...well, i have with two people who are actual real life buds.

all ladies, yes...i guess i just have the lilith fair of blog linkage!

(i do need to do some updating- there are tons of other MANLY blogs i have bookmarked)


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