Wednesday, May 24, 2006

And this post is all about health.

I am back to using my trusty food diary. I've been slacking, ya'll, and eating Things My Nutritionist Would Not Approve Of.

Nothing passes through these lips now without getting called out on my Big Fat Page of Consumption! (And ironically enough, nothing comes out either--I track my poos, people! When you have digestive issues like me REGULARITY is a sign from the Good Lord in Heaven. I will accept nothing less than a poo at the same. time. each. day.)

Today I had something for breakfast that is a blessed miracle. Miracle Cereal, let's call it. It's basically millet, quinoa, and amaranth all boiled together into a grainy mush. Then you add a little honey or molasses, and some nuts if you're feeling frisky! It is the Miracle Cereal because I went the whole morning, PLUS a lunchtime step class, without getting hungry! MIRACLE, I tell you! Praise Jesus! And it's low-cal! Woohooo to that!

(Then I had a mixed green salad and a PBJ on whole wheat tortilla.....tasty, but no miracle.)

So let's talk about my step class for a sec. I pretty much feel like the BIGGEST DORK IN THE WORLD in that class. I mean, I guess the class itself is partly to blame: "Triple Knee Repeater, woo-hoo, that's right! Up right, exit left, Rocking Horse, meow! Grapevine, Rosie's got it!" I adore the teacher, she's the cutest thing - all sporty and muscles in cute aerobics wear...

Maybe that's the problem. My outfit! A crusty ripped t-shirt and some old yoga pants? Ha, no wonder. Well, I may not be coordinated in my workout attire, but at least I'm coordinated enough to get all the moves down without falling flat on my face!

Anyway, back to the eating. I am running the Bolder Boulder on Monday and from what I've read I am supposed to be carbing it up. The day before I shall not eat anything containing fiber, lest I run all 6 miles with terrible toots. So I actually get to eat white carbs and sugar without feeling like Wonderbread-eating white trash! (Because, you know, brown rice and whole wheat has all the fiber and toots-creating shit in it.)

And now we interrupt all this poo-talk for some serious: I am amazed at how good I feel, and amazed at how much feeling good is within my power and not solely in the power of The Meds. Don't get me wrong, I am still ALL ABOUT THE MEDS and would never, ever, EVER judge anyone who takes them. But sometimes it seems like a goddamn miracle that I am even able to cope drug-free! But I have been and CAN and this what's so amazing!

Amazing, miracles, praising this a church service I'm leading here?

My body is my temple and that's what I'm doing these days: worshipping!

(HA! Church analogies are fun.)

And this has nothing to do with anything at all (but if I really wanted to tie it in I probably could), but there is a SWEET 80s tune on right now by Rosanne Cash called "Seven Year Ache." I totally had this tape and played the hell out of it!

Ummm and there is one more thing because I just can't tear myself away from blogging right now... for some reason there is a case of Keystone Light in the work fridge and I think I can hear the cheap shitty beer whispering my name! Ummmmm, canned beer. Yummy.


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