Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I'm a big ol' balloon.

About 2 hours ago I was all hyped up with spring fever and I wanted to tell you all about it! I was motivated! Interesting! Humorous! Witty!

Now? I'm deflated like a big ol' balloon.....pppfbbbfbbbttttttttt. I'm tired. Post-lunch food coma.

Also: It's much too fucking nice out to be indoors!

Yesterday I played a little hooky, but it wasn't really fun hooky like going to Waterworld or whittling away the afternoon over beers. I had an interview (and that's all you get about that.). I also had to take Biggie Purrs to the vet for a blood check and some insulin.

Dude, I need to start getting his insulin on the black market! 80 bucks! For a small vial of diabetes juice! Who knows a good kitty-drug dealer?

I went for a run and it was almost tears-inducing. Oh the pain! I have also been having all sorts of digestion issues and was bloated and fat-feeling. Lugging a big ol' balloon around my waist on a run is woooo---weeee, exhausting. I need someone to staple my piehole shut for just a little bit of relief. And someone to pop this g-damn balloon please! The toots, people. The Toots!

Ahhhh, food. Yes, I do love thee. I grilled up the tastiest portobello mushroom sammies last night along with an ear of corn. Scrumptious!

(Digestive enzymes to the rescue.)

We also had approximately one margarita each. We are good girls and boys.

Did you happen to catch the season finale Grey's Anatomy? The last hour was my god, so cheese. Prom? What was that? The "confessions" of each intern to the Chief? Puh-lease, y'all!

But I still love it and I still cried. Ever since ditching the meds I seem to cry a lot lately--not out of any real sadness though. It was alarming at first, but now I kinda like it. Crying feels tasty. Er, tastes salty?

Another inquiry to my non-responsive readership: who has seen the movie Junebug? Soooooooo cute! Anything involving redheads and The South. I'm all over it.

Blog, I'm just not that into you right now. Forgive my lameness won't you? I promise ye a prettier post in the morn.


At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Leah said...

I just saw Junebug over the weekend. I want to kidnap Amy Adams and keep her in my closet.

At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Kath said...

I cried when they had to put the dog to sleep on 'GA'.

Don't normally watch it (watched it for my buddy Jillian cause she was traveling and I didn't know if she forgot to program her TIVO...what are friends for, ya know?)but I was screaming at the TV 'tell the dog you love him...tell him he was a good dog...FUCKIN TALK TO HIM SO THE LAST THING HE HEARS IS THE SOUND OF YOUR VOICE' but instead they just stared at each other like saps.

Poor dog.


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