Monday, May 01, 2006

The Yard Sale for Life.

On Saturday some girls from work and I held a Yard Sale For Life in lieu of the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. We decided that selling some shit on someone's front lawn while drinking bloody marys sounded wayyyyyy more appealing than staying up all night huffing and puffing around some track.

(Heh. Not really. We just couldn't get enough people to form a team. But in my opinion, the yard sale was the better idea. I love me a yard sale!)

My signage cancer, buy a tchotchke!

I love that word - tchotchke. But damned if it ain't a bitch to spell!

We made over $250 hawking said tchotchkes...this is what was left after the early-morning rush of blue hairs:

You wouldn't believe the crap people buy!

Anyway, after things settled down we were all able to sit around and enjoy our morning cocktails. Cocktails For Life! Woohooooohoo!

Work girls, who have no idea their mugs are up on the internet:

A bunch of philanthropists, we are!


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