Thursday, April 27, 2006

Procrastination is a bitch.

Hello, blog? Hi, it's me again.

I just can't get my act together today. I've got 2 items of biz just hanging over my head (trust me, I really wanted to turn that into something witty that links "hanging over" with my hangover) but procrastination....boy, is it a bitch.

So instead of doing what I'm supposed to be doing, I am instead eating my way through the day. I have eaten everything Naughty and Wrong. Bagel with cream cheese, chips and salsa, brie cheese and crackers, rondele cheese and crackers, goat cheese and crackers (are we sensing a pattern), iceburg lettuce salad with ranch dressing (haha! I first wrote "ranch diarrhea" 'cause that's what I had after all this food), cole slaw, a hazelnut chocolate-thingy, and lo, we're back to the chips and salsa. Oh and a diet coke.

You must think--like Kevin thinks--that I do nothing all day.

You might be right.

I have caught up on all of the blogs on the "I'd Have Cocktails With Them" list. Question is: would they have cocktails with me?

I am skipping my final how-to-be-happy class tonight under the guise of dropping a CD off at the printer's. No worries, y'all, I bought the book! I am wayyyyyyy too tired to map out my emotions right now anyway.

My secretary just brought in cookies and brownies. Remember I said that this was a requirement--wink, wink? The thing about these cookies and brownies is that they are the product of an overachiever--homemade, for one. Served on a fancy gold platter, second. And last, the "garnish" is dark Godiva chocolate. Holy crap batman, how did she know?

I think I may just go puke.

ZZZZZzzzzz I am boring.


At 3:11 PM, Blogger Buffy said...

Procrastination is my drug.


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