Thursday, April 27, 2006

Real adults don't get hangovers.

Well, Secretary's Day was epescially festive this year! After polishing off 7 bottles of wine yesterday afternoon, some of us from the office headed out for even more drinks. $2 margaritas as a matter of fact....ummmm DINNER!

I don't care what anyone thinks, alcohol increases morale! Builds trust! Establishes comraderie! Ok, whatever-- we all know that comparing salaries and talking shit is what it's all about. Work gossip is FUN! Our office is relatively quiet and subdued, so in my opinion, going out is much needed.

Count my ass IN!

Unfortunately, this ass is doing some dragging this morning. I almost backed into some chick when backing out of my driveway....she laid on the horn and then just sat there glaring...and backing up traffic too, I might add. Shit lady! SOR-RY, now move along.

Kevin hates it immensely when I come home from an eventful happy hour. I start demanding to know when we're getting married....yeah, I am that girl. Obnoxious. I'm also the one who thinks it's a really good idea to crack open another beer and then take 2 sips before deciding it's time for bed.

Anyone want to write a letter and order some artwork for me this morning?

I got a call yesterday from an organization I interviewed with last year inviting me to reapply for a position before they officially post it. Might I point out that I wasn't the one who was chosen for this position the first time? Hmmm. Does this mean I am being "headhunted?" Wow, I have always wanted to be headhunted.

The networking shit must be paying off, because I saw the Director at a luncheon a few months ago and actually sat at her table. I truly believe she wanted to hire me but I get the feeling the COO thought me unworthy (bitch.) Anyway, here we are again-- although this time I feel like the ball is more in my court.

Aren't you just dying to know what the job is and where?

HINT: It has to do with plants!

T _ E D_ _ V_ R B_ T _ _ I _ C G _ R _ E _ S


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