Monday, April 17, 2006

The Lord wasn't the only thing that rose this weekend.

This weekend was one of those where we did a lot and we didn't do a lot. Profound, huh? ;-) What I mean is that this post is going to concern itself with what my weekend consisted of...and in writing it down, it SEEMS like a lot went on, when really it was a weekend that just sort of slipped by and ohmigod, it's Monday already.

Friday night we went to the Rockies game with the Crawfords. An all-American night! But a warm summery! The flops got flipped! Yeehaw! I forgot my camera, so you get to see none of it. All you need to know is that baseball games are fun.

Saturday morning I was tired but not hungover. (That sounds a lot like something out of my college logic class). I made quiche. It rained. We cleaned house and DUMDUMDUM....Kevin obligingly helped with nary a whine or complaint! Not like he isn't ever Rosie's little helper...he just doesn't see the importance of cleaning the bathroom on a weekly basis. Sometimes I think it must be nice to be him.....but alas I am me, Rosie = clean and small. I tried a new tactic and it worked! I asked sweetly if he wanted to help or not (YES or NO, circle one), instead of informing him which task he would be in charge of. I know, you're thinking how awful it must be to be Kevin and have to deal with a neurotic clean-freak like if that's you, SUCK IT. I have less germs and dust than you do....nannynanny booboo.

The next few hours slip my mind. But I do know that around 3 PM we headed over to Colorado Petfitters to pick up Lucy's $40 grub. We discovered a new wine store while over in that 'hood, an AWESOME new wine store. Everything is less than $15 and it's all good, unique stuff. No Yellow Tail, no Mondavi, no Sutter Home. All smaller labels. And they provide you with unpretentious descriptions and simple marketing. I bought a Malbec-Syrah mix and Kev bought a California red called "Crossfire" after the flavor "crossfire" of grapes used. We came home and had ourselves a little wine tasting.

Then, we dyed eggs.

Here is a sweet little staging of my easter handiwork:

Yeah, I am pretty dorky. But ask yourself this- what else are peeps good for? Who actually eats them?

One might say I am also self-absorbed with my monogrammed egg:

But they would be wrong.

After eggs came sushi at Sushi Hai. It was a typical Rose/Kev sushi meal: large purple haze, shared 22 oz Kirin, edamame, miso soup, unagi, spicy tuna, shrimp tempura....lalala. Next time we're going totally exotic...we had this boring old tray while the couple next to us had some crazy looking rolls with things shooting out of them! Big and bold and colorful! The only other item worth noting from sushi would be that the guy on my left, who was the "sushi expert" coaching his sushi newbie friend, asked the waitress to HOLD THE CILANTRO in his miso soup. HAAAAAAAA! He was acting so knowledgeable too, poor thing. (Honorable mention: the mascara job he was sporting.)

The night proceeded to become ever-more exciting with the grand re-opening of BEER DEPOT! I was the youngest one in there by at least 15 years. They were definitely going for the whole James Dean/Marilyn Monroe nostalgia theme....they had even had a Frank Sinatra impersonater performing. Now, I don't know what it was like before the new ownership, but I'm guessing it was pretty divey. I quickly aquired a second wind (also known as 3 bourbon and ginger ales) and was soon making lady friends on the dance floor. Did you know that all you have to do is tell the ladies how hot they are for their age and suddenly you're the most popular girl in the bar? It's true! I got to go "back stage" and was offered a free shot of Jaeger. I also provided some much-needed (in my opinion) marketing tips, to which the owner's wife said....."WAIT, LET ME GRAB A PEN AND PAPER SO I CAN WRITE THIS DOWN!"

So if you suddenly see ads in the Westword promoting $3 Jaeger Bombs at Beer's ALL ME.

Sunday morning, easter brunch at the Queen. The Breakfast Queen, that is. Our favorite waitress (kidding) and old Stephanopoulous with his tanned shaved legs. The Queen put the hurting on with its mighty mighty breakkie burrito. Hallelujah.

I had to come home and lie down while the digestive enzyme did it's business. Then I may have just done MY business.

Once I rallied, I drug my digestive-enzyme eating self to Whole Foods, where I acquired the Whole Foods High. You know you get it too! Surrounded by so much can you not? It was pleasantly empty and I wandered around for close to 2 hours. Guess how much I spent! (hint: I could have bought 13 bottles of the most expensive wine at aforementioned awesome wine store...) I know, that's nothing to be proud of...

Kevin got an easter gift from me....Claritin and easter hankies! How practical of me!

My card read something like this: Happy Easter Baby! Sorry I was a hungover little pisser this morning, but like the Lord did on this same day, I HAVE RISEN! Love, Me.

Risen, indeed! I got busy on my deviled eggs...only after planting 5 rows of organic greens and cleaning out the garage. Rosie on fire!

Eggs before:

Eggs after:

(I dedicate this picture to Sunya.)

YUM! We also had shrimp on the barbie, grilled veggies, grilled tilapia, and salad with the deviled eggs. YUM-redux!

This week I am looking forward to getting my ass back on track. Last week it felt like shit fell by the wayside because of my withdrawal symptoms and all, which are all fine now--thanks for asking ;-)!! If I am to run the Bolder Boulder in a month I need to run at least 3 or 4 times a week instead of the lame 1 or 2. So running, weights, eating my way through my Whole Foods booty, yoga, sleep, supplements, and lotsa water are what this chica is going to be doing this week.

Don't even think about asking me out for drinks.


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